No, TSA has not banned photography -- missing web page on checkpoint photography is back

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Carlos Miller @ PINAC, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. FaustsAccountant

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    So...what? A bunch of preteens are the webmasters of a government website? no wait, the preteen kids would be better at making sure the links and site works.;)

    I agree with the take on the screeners, wether it's real or selective ignorance.
  2. FaustsAccountant

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    That pretty much sums it up. Oh and throw in an 'SSI" if caught in a loophole.

    BTW: the marbles were probably chipped cubes.
  3. Frank

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    I suspect that's because no IT professional with a lick of sense wants TSA on his/her resume. It would turn you into an instant unemployable.
  4. Caradoc

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  5. Fisher1949

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    I have the ACLU NJ Police camera app that works the same way. No indication of it recording video or audio but I suspect there are multiple versions available at the android app store.
  6. Fisher1949

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    Lying requires a the liar to have a venue so TSA had to repost it.
  7. RB

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    The "so what" while implied is that TSA is incompetent in every field they stick their blue gloves in.
  8. Mike

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  9. Caradoc

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    A more accurate headline might be, "TSA Continues To Claim They Do Not Prohibit Photography."
  10. CelticWhisper

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    So we have an official policy that is to permit photography, "upheld" by a bunch of thugs who either don't care about policy or are too thick to comprehend it. I'm reminded of Heinlein's Razor (a slight variant on Hanlon's Razor), which says "Don't initially attribute to malice that which can be easily explained by stupidity, but don't rule out malice either."

    While I'm glad they're putting the page back, especially at a time when there's a planned opt-out-and-record event as well as significant public attention to the fact that the page was taken down (meaning if they try to stop photographers we have more ammo to use against them), we know there's more than enough idiocy to go around on the part of clerks-not-officers-not-agents at the checkpoints who don't know or don't care what official policy states, and that that idiocy will be defended by the molester-in-chief John Pistole.
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    I was going post it over in the photography forum and link back, but I was having connection problems with some goofball trying to stream video on my flight. [​IMG]

    Anyway, here it is: Mobile Hidden Camera Android App (Video and Still) :)
  12. Frank

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  13. Caradoc

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    That was (of course) the implication in "claim."

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