Now a Third Strip Seach Victim

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Read the comments at some of the news stories on this and the other accounts of people being strip-searched. Read what our fellow Americans are saying.

    It's okay. It's all okay. So a few people get abused and molested? What's the big deal?

    Unbelievable. This country is unbelievable.
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    It seems like many Americans have thrown away their moral compass, or is it just they cannot be bothered?
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    Chris Elliott's column is now also at Huffington Post. You have got to read the comments. These people are shameless. Shameless.

    But nah, there's no creeping fascism in this country. Nah, it's all in my head. My fellow Americans are fine upstanding people. They're "special"!

    Here's the comment I left, still awaiting moderation:

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    This country has lost its collective mind. The post-9/11 hysteria and paranoia are off the charts. We now have people publicly stating -- with no shame or compunction -- that it's okay to abuse and assault their fellow human beings. Perfectly fine. "As long as it keeps us safe!" Because "The Terrorists Are Everywhere!"
    Disgusting. The stench of American Exceptionalism has always been strong, but now it's positively choking. You sheep who bleat about "security" deserve to feel the full wrath of the TSA.
    At least take your heads out of the sand and try to inform yourselves for a minute, if it's not too much to ask.
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    I think any kind of TSA screening that requires viewing what a person has under their clothing, visually or electronically, exceeds the Administrative Search limitations. If this degree of screening is required then substantiate that need and get a warrant.

    Next time ACLU comes looking for a handout remember their total lack of action fighting against TSA abuses. Support the groups who are actually standing up to TSA.
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    As many people have commented, and as I feel strongly that the TSA (Terrorist Stripping Americans) is not looking for WEI, they are looking for drugs. Why else would they be so insistant on taking the victim (suspect) to a private room? 1) so the other passengers don't see the abuse 2) to thouroughly screen for DRUGS. If they really thought that grandma's colostomy bag was a bomb, they would go to the furthest phone and call in the bomb squad. :rolleyes:
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    I don't think they're even thinking along those lines. I mean, yes, they're screening for drugs sometimes, those who have brains enough to think about it, and as illegal as that is. But I still maintain that 99% of this is about exercising power for power's sake.
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    I posted something on another forum about honoring the date of December 7th. The majority of people responded with puzzlement and/or contempt for "holding a grudge." (Yeah, one poster used that very phrase.)

    I'm really disappointed in what we've become. No wonder the TSA's warrantless search doesn't raise any hackles. Our own immediate history is a topic we've simply abandoned.
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    Some of my comments aren't appearing at that Huffington Post column. Maybe some of you will have better luck. The latest I tried to post, in answer to Vincent Sbardella's comment, "Then why are the flights full?"

    Because the airlines have reduced the number of flights available. Air travel was down over 2% through the Thanksgivi­ng holiday, which is considered whopping for the busiest travel time of the year.

    The airlines are losing money. Good. They're complicit in the TSA's abuse. If they demanded it stop, it would. Same with all the sheeple out there. If they stopped flying -- as millions of people CAN do -- not everyone is forced to fly for work or medical emergencie­s -- then things would change.

    Money talks in this country. In fact, it's the only thing that talks. Economic boycotts work. We could bring the airlines to their knees in 4-6 months. But the sheeple are too eager to preserve their precious "convenien­ce," rights and bodily integrity be damned.

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