NPR: Americans Say Security Checks Are A Bigger Health Concern Than Flights

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Mike

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    NPR: Americans Say Security Checks Are A Bigger Health Concern Than Flights

  2. Lisa Simeone

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    Wow. A rare spot of optimism. (Then again where would I be without my trusty fly in the ointment? What people say -- "I would refuse to go through a scanner" -- and what they actually do are often two different things).

    Still glad to see this, especially since NPR's coverage of the scanners from the beginning has been jocular, dismissive, and pro-TSA.
  3. Lisa Simeone

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    Okay, but this is depressing:
    Only a minority -- a small minority -- thinks that invasion of privacy and unreasonable search is a big deal.
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  4. Fisher1949

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    Sadly, despite all of the "privacy concerns" last year, most people have come to accept being digitally strip searched. I'm still surprised when people rationalize the invasion away, saying they're out of shape, they're old or whatever.
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  5. A quick anecdote -- my in-laws are visiting. My mother-in-law told me about going in the scanner at PDX with a tone of, I'd even even say, delight! "You know, I was concerned about it, but it was so easy! It was so fast, I put my feet on the spots and my arms up, and I was through! You know, I'm modest, but this didn't bother me at all." I asked how she'd feel if the scan showed an anomaly in her crotch and they needed to stick their hands in there, and she said she'd have to rethink her position. I ranted for a bit, said that I, on the other hand, am not modest, but that I'll never get in a scanner, that it's still a strip search, that it's a depraved violation of our rights, and that I'm no longer happy to be an American. Her delight turned. She likes to conform to the opinion of whoever she's talking to and I think she realized she'd goofed by singing the praises of the scanner to me. What she'll do when she next encounters a scanner, I don't know.
  6. Affection

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    +1 for this. You can find me on a nude beach, but not in a scanner.

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  7. DeafBlonde

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    *Ah-hem* Er...uh...which nude beach?? ;)
  8. Affection

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    lol... wouldn't you like to know ;)

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  9. Wimpie

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    I could just jump for joy in the scanners:poop:,0,981956.story
  10. CelticWhisper

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    This caught my eye yesterday but I had too much blood in my caffeine stream to formulate a proper response.

    I have a couple of friends who are very sexually liberated. Without going into excessive detail about their sex lives, it's safe to say that they've tried a lot of things with a lot of people and have the most open and progressive approach I've ever seen to sex, nudity, the human body, gender relations, and all the associated matters.

    They're done flying. Finished, finito, curtains, the end, the song is over, acta fabula est, stick a fork in 'em, done. And it is because of TSA, because of the gropedowns, because of the nude-o-scopes. The wife said "I'll go with (husband) to get his private pilot's license and see about timeshares on a private plane, but other than that, it's road and rail for us."

    Hearing that from them took any leftover doubts I may have had with regard to "excessive modesty" and NoS screening and dashed them against the rocks. When people who have expressed feelings of liberation at being able to walk around without clothes at sex conventions object to TSA procedures, you KNOW it's not because they're shy about having their bodies exposed. Rather, they object to the violation of their rights the way we do.

    Bonus: They're strongly left-leaning, adding support to the idea that the problem that is the continued existence and operation of TSA transcends party lines.
  11. Lisa Simeone

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    CW, as I've written before, I like nude beaches, and I object to the TSA. Hundreds of sex workers have posted on blogs and various other sites saying they object to the TSA.

    The blowhards who scream "prudes!", the condescending Europeans who haven't flown lately in the U.S. but who tut-tut "American prudery" -- these people all have their heads up their asses.
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  12. nachtnebel

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    Numbers. Just watch the numbers. Air travel is down YOY, more than the rate of economic decline. The TSA is proving, at the bottom line, to be a significant obstacle to air travel. Everyone who has had a bad experience or knows someone who did, or is aware of the many horror stories, are less likely to fly, esp if they don't absolutely have to. Those folks aren't coming back, IMO.
  13. Affection

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    It seems we'll need to have the TU meetup at a nude beach or swinger's club. ;)
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  14. DeafBlonde

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    Eye, eye, matie! ;) (Just don't tell my boyfriend; he's the jealous type!)
  15. Affection

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    That's my specialty. ;)

  16. Sunny Goth

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    It'll have to be the swinger's club (do they even still have those?), because if I get a tan, I'll lose my goth card. ;)
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  17. DeafBlonde

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    I am sure that Jon will volunteer to slather SPF 100 sun-screen all over you, right Jon? ;)
  18. Affection

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    lol I'm pretty sure there have been "swingers clubs" for many years before we came around, and it's unlikely to disappear in our lifetimes!

    I'm kinda picturing her arriving in a full veil, with a parisol. But, generally being the whitest white guy on the beach, I am familiar with the sunscreen. ;)

  19. Sunny Goth

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    Mmmmm, parisols...... :)

    My funny beach story - well, only funny because it was so random. A couple of years ago I was on the Big Island near the Place of Refuge. There's some great diving and snorkeling there. We were getting ready to go snorkeling when we ran into two DJ friends from San Francisco. Their genre of choice is 'dark psytrance', but it's a genre that brings out the goths. Anyway, the gothier of the two DJs has skin so white it's almost translucent. And she didn't use enough sun screen ..... :(
  20. Affection

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    You'll never live up to her natural gothiness... :(


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