Nude-O-Scope Opt-Out and Self-Directional (SDOO) Opt-Out Experiences

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    I guess I'll start..

    RDU on Sunday was not too busy, which meant all three porno scanners were in use. As I usually do when at RDU, I watched each line to see which had more people in it, and develop a sense of how the clerks chose people. After five minutes of watching, I decided to chance it, and I went through the checkpoint.

    At the front of the x-ray line, my heart rate was slightly elevated, as I slowly unpacked my items, hoping that they would choose somebody else for the NoS. A clerk right behind me started to shout to everybody in line that they needed to remove everything from their pockets, take off belts, etc...

    As I finished unpacking and shoving my items through the x-ray, my fears were confirmed. The NoS was ready and waiting for it's next victim. The clerk in front of it outstretched his arm for me to enter the NoS, but I pretended to not see him, and just walked through the WTMD. The clerk on the other side of the WTMD seemed like he wasn't paying too much attention, but said nothing as I walked off to re-collect my belongings.
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    Thanks. Maybe the "must be scanned" mentality is losing momentum at the CP level.
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    And RDU didn't make a federal case and an example out of you?

    I'm shocked. Shocked I say. :eek:

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