Nude-O-Scopes increase security wait at Des Moines airport

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Indy Star: Lines, delays bedevil early morning airline passengers in Des Moines

    Don't hold your breath, suckers. The Germans rejected these same machines (yes, they actually evaluated them first before they installed them :D) because they have a very high rate of false positives.

    Not to mention that TSA has admitted that they can't detect underwear bombers anyway.
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  2. RB

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    If the TSA screeners using the Whole Body Imagers have been properly trained then why would they need time to become use to them?

    Either the TSA screeners are properly trained or not properly trained.
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  3. Caradoc

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    It's simply not possible to train the brain-dead zombies of the TSA. They're incapable of learning, which is why they end up working for the TSA in the first place. It used to be that parents would warn their children to study hard in school, or they'd be digging ditches. Today, it's "Study hard, or you'll end up down at the airport with the other retarded chimps groping people for food."

    None of their trainers are capable of teaching, anyway.
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