Nudeoscopes prone to hacking? Stored data? What stored data?

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    Wired / Dangerroom: Body Scans, Junked? DHS, Darpa Look for New Airport Sensors

    Two years ago, the Department of Homeland Security stepped up its campaign to install controversial body scanners at airports nationwide. At the time, the agency claimed the machines could spot all sorts of hidden weapons and contraband. Today, more than 700 of the imagers are in place at 180 airports. But the so-called “naked” scanners may not be quite as all-seeing as they were originally billed to be. Quietly, DHS has called in the Pentagon’s premier research agency to help develop a new generation of imagers that are faster, smaller, more precise, and less prone to hacking.


    The second focus will be on secure memory chips. These will have to be “hack-proof” chips with “high-levels of functionality … for low-cost, reduced power consumption and increased reliability.” The DSH and Darpa want high-speed chips, with random access times “on the order of 10 ns [nanoseconds].” They should also have “extremely high-endurance,” which would allow for “near unlimited wear for write, read, and erase cycles.” To be really un-hackable, they should be resistant to off-line security attacks as well. Stored data shouldn’t be readable with powerful devices like electron or atomic force microscopes.

    What stored data are they talking about? After all, TSA has assured us that these machines aren't saving pictured of our naughty bits!
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    Who is going to roll through a TSA checkpoint with an electron micriscope?

    I can see nothing good coming out of getting DOD and DHS working together on any contract. Contractors will be seeing nothing buy dollar signs.
  3. Mike

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    That's not the point.

    The point is that any scanning data is retained at all.
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    I understood that. I was poking fun at the means of compromise.
  5. Frank

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    And you believed them?

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