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    Got freedom fondled today, now where there is a blueshirt "judgment" I seem to be selected 100%. I think they are selecting single male travelers -- a lady with big metal chain got THREE opportunities to try to go through the metal detector, while I did my requisite opt-out.

    The thing that struck me this time was the sheer number of blueshirts in the terminal. Two by the escalator, a BDO, two ticket takers, and a zillion standing around the checkpoint. I counted 24 at a small-ish terminal.

    Which leads me to the link of the DHS budget, interesting reading for those interested.

    The TSA budget starts on page 56. 5+ billion dollars poorly spent. Does anybody have links to the number of blueshirts, etc. that we could amass?

    Any anecdotes regarding number of blueshirts -- I'd say at my home airport it has doubled in the past 3 years. It used to be a really pleasant travel experience.
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  2. Cartoon Peril

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    Could you lure a few away with a donut or an unattended laptop?
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  3. Mike

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    It's the largest public workfare program since the Works Progess Administration. What do you expect?
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  4. FetePerfection

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    How about a donut in the shape of a laptop?
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  5. KrazyKat

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    I read that FTE were capped at 46,000, so could be many more P/T.
    GAO and budget watchdog groups would have already compiled some of this.
    The deficit too makes it opportune to discuss in terms of dollars and waste, as I commented in another thread:
  6. Mike

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    From Wikipedia:

    Familiar theme?
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  7. KrazyKat

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    Except we have a national legacy of terrific public buildings and art from the WPA.
    And from the TSA?
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  8. Mike

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    Do YouTube videos count as art?
  9. Lisa Simeone

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    We do indeed have a great legacy from the WPA. Not that there weren't slackers; of course there were. There are in every endeavor, public or private, everywhere in life.

    I've got DHS/TSA numbers buried in my files so I can dig them up if you really want them. Off the top of my head I know that the Fiscal 2012 budget (which begins in October) for the TSA is $8.1 billion.

    Bottom line is that the only growing sector of the economy is the National Security State. Terror! Terror! is big business.
  10. mikemey

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    I can find better uses for $8.1B
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