NY Post: JFK security breach

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    However many two-digit IQ's are checking boarding passes these days at JFK, it's not enough. Better add a few more ...

    NY Post: JFK security breach

    JFK Airport suffered yet another security breach yesterday after a traveler was able to access a passengers-only area a day before his scheduled flight, sources said. Wilfred Isidore, 42, of Spring Valley in Rockland County, missed his Haiti-bound flight yesterday afternoon and then switched his ticket to the next morning. But Isidore then immediately headed for his gate and breezed past a TSA agent who let him through without noticing the discrepancy, according to the sources.
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    It's only a "breach" if you consider checking IDs and boarding passes "security".
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    "JFK Security Breach."


    I'm glad.

    I'm glad security was breached, and I'm glad TSA failed again. What's even better is that nothing bad happened as a result.

    I'm running on pure spite at this point. Even if something bad did happen, I don't know that I would care that much. I'm just happy to see TSA lose.
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    How was security "breached?" Did Wilfred Isidore sneak a liquid explosive onto the concourse or something?

    How many times has the TSA told us that their mission is "Weapons, Explosives, Incendiaries?"

    Who gives a TSA employee's patootie if some random person made it into the "sterile" area without means to do mayhem? I mean, really?

    Other than proving the TSA's "T"DCs aren't worth the amino acids they're composed of (just like any other (expletive deleted) willing to accept a paycheck from that wholly corrupt agency), who cares?
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