Obama budget proposes new security, airline fees

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Feb 13, 2012.

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    The budget proposal would also permit the Homeland Security Department to raise the fee on its own after that through regulation.

    Great. :mad:
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    Let them. Forcing people to pay more to be abused more will work to our benefit.
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    I agree. I did a draft piece for TSANews and ran the numbers based on FAA and OMB data. It hasn't run yet but maybe this is a good time.

    Based on the $8.1 Billion TSA budget and 712 million screenings, each one costs $11.38. Since the security fee is only $2.50 the other $8.88 is taxpayer funded whether they fly or not. This works out to a taxpayer burden of $43.86 per household to fund the cost of TSA not paid for by the airlines or fees.

    So those of us who have stopped or heavily reduced our air travel are forced to pay for TSA despite being driven away from flying by them.

    Since this security circus is free to the airlines, subsidizing the industry with free security to the tune of $4.8B per year, they will continue to accept all of the security antics that TSA dreams up. After all, it's free!

    Currently there is no pressure to make TSA efficient or effective and the bottomless taxpayer pocket will allow TSA to continue to expand ad nauseum. Maybe if the airlines felt the pinch they might decide they don't really need all of this nonsense.
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    WH 25% cut for TSA Budget:
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    Ha!Ha! The quote Doober pulled pretty much sums it up!

    I particularly liked this quote from a University of Tennessee law professor:

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    As to Mike's point above:

    Oh, Phyllis, you're so witty. How's about I come by your place and fondle your saggy old tits?

    After all, in this post-9/11 world it is what you need so that you can feel safe.

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    Bill, I want to run this piece, but you have to place or just start placing it into Wordpress. It has to come from your account to get your byline. If I import it, it'll show up with my byline. I don't know how to change the author's name, I only know how to edit other people's entries that they've already written and how to place my own entry in.
    TSA Subsidizing the Airline Industry by Bill Fisher

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