Obermeier: TSA's Fondling War on Terror

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Bill left a good comment. The blog writer, however, in trying to be funny, comes across as shoulder-shrugging. He doesn't seem to get how serious this is. Or maybe he's just a less-than-stellar comedian.
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    He got the associations correct!

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    I didn't read it that way. Ridiculing these people in humor like this has its effect---probably more effective than other means. Nobody likes being laughed at, and TSA is being laughed at everywhere. They're a national/international joke. And it isn't dying down, it's increasing.
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  5. I've started to notice the word "fondling" used here and there instead of groping. Sommer Gentry used it in that recent TSA News post. I think it's very effective! In addition to the sexual connotation, groping has overtones of blind reach, which doesn't have as much premeditated sexual intent as fondling. Fondling is really pretty bad. Reminds me of Of Mice and Men. The writer of this article, while a bit self-indulgent for my taste, did also coin a nice phrase: "soft-core tyranny".

    Also, somebody over at the other place has been talking about how the clerks run their hands over your "erogenous zones". I love these creative descriptions! The pen might turn out to be mightier than the sword, here.
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    Oh, I'm all for ridiculing them. The more the better! I took his post, though, more as ridiculing the whole notion of getting ticked off by the TSA. Minimizing the seriousness with which we take it. Eye of the beholder and all that, I guess.

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