Arrested TSA Employee "Ofc" Milagros Casanas Busted for Disorderly Conduct @ Key West ["Ofc" Linette Ochoa also involved]]

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    casanas milagros d.jpg


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    That makes 94 in 20 months.
  3. Took issue with somebody recording her and confiscated the phone. This is another one where the TSA-sanctioned criminal behavior spills over into the clerk's off hours.
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    That have been caught. Reasonable suspicion is automatically met if a person elects to work for TSA.
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    and scum like this is entrusted with feeling over your wife's and children's crotches. nice
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    And note that this is a "lead" TSA. The previous one was a "supervisory" TSO. The pimp arrested in D.C. a few months ago was also a supervisor.

    These are the scum that supposedly lead the other scum by example.
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  7. I'll bet she gets to keep her job. Drunk and disorderly? That's like, whatever.
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    Yep she'll keep her job, and that's no mistake. That's the plan.
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    Key West is private security via Rayethon if I remember correctly from my trip in May. They are okay, but unlike TSA they take a hint that they need to back off or they are wrong before someone goes off on them.

    Is there a mug shot and I can probably tell you if Ive seen that one before at EYW.
  10. The more I think about it, she probably showed a lot of initiative with this episode. Just grabbed somebody's phone and made off with it? That's the kind of moxy they look for in a screener.
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    Right. Went through EYW earlier this year and they are private security. They dress up like smurfs but a the patches and fake badge are even more bogus. Kind of like a clown policeman.
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    I thought it said she worked at MIA, not EYW.
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    It did. She got in trouble in Key West, worked MIA.
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    More info, a second TSA "officer" was been involved in this but not charged ...

    Local 10: Police: TSA officer attacked woman who videotaped her while intoxicated: Miami TSA officer arrested in Key West after video camera incident

    Officers responded to the 200 block of Duval Street after receiving reports that a fight had broken out between two women.

    The arrest report stated that Casanas and a friend were passed out on the sidewalk. When they awoke, they realized someone was videotaping them with a cell phone.

    Detectives said Casanas yelled at Copeland to delete the recording, then grabbed the phone out of the woman's hands.

    According to the report, Casanas' friend told officers "... they did not want to be recorded because they were federal officers (TS) and did not want video of them on the internet."

    Casanas was charged with disorderly conduct.

    The arrest report is here.

    From the arrest report:

    While Casanas was being treated my Rescue, I spoke with Copeland. Copeland said the incident started because Casanas and her friend, later identified as Linette Ochoa, were passed out on the sidewalk.Copeland said her friend, Jesse C. Bennett, thought it would be funny to moon (expose his buttocks to) Casanas and Ochoa as they were sleeping on the sidewalk. I asked Copeland if Bennett touched either female with his buttocks and she said no. Copeland said Bennett fell on the ground next to Ochoa as he pulled his pants down. Copeland said she started recording Bennett because she thought it was funny that he fell. Copeland confirmed that Bennett fell next to Ochoa and not on to her. Copeland said after Bennett fell, Ochoa and Casanas woke up and immediately began attacking her and Bennett. Copeland said Casanas yelled at her to delete the recording and grabbed the phone out of her hands. Copeland said she began to back away as Casanas started to swing at her.

    Copeland showed me two videos of the incident. The first video is only several seconds long and showed Bennett sitting on the ground next to Ochoa. The video then showed Ochoa getting up and walking towards Bennett. The second video showed Bennett trying to stand up and Ochoa pushing him over several times. Copeland said there is no video of Casanas attacking her because she stopped recording when Casanas and Ochoa told her to. Copeland provided me with the videos. The videos will be placed on a disk and submitted into evidence.


    I also spoke to Ochoa. Ochoa told me the fight started because Copeland was recording them while they were sitting on the sidewalk. Ochoa said she and Casanas did not want to be recorded because they were federal officers (TSA) and did not want a video of them on the Internet. Ochoa said she demanded that Copeland delete the video and Copeland did not comply. I asked Ochoa what happen after Copeland refused to delete the video. Ochoa said police arrived at that time. Ochoa's speech was slurred, she was unsteady on her feet, and had a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on her breath.​

    Casanas was treated by Rescue on scene. After being medically treated I placed Casanas into my patrol vehicle and transported her to MCDC without further incident.​

    Ochoa was not charged criminally because Bennett refused to press charges and Sgt. Tripp did not witness her striking anyone.​

    Although she wasn't charged due to a lack of cooperating witnesses/victims, Linette Ochoa as well as Milagros D. Casanas were listed in the police report as "SUSP,Primary Role".
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    Here are images of the police report:

    Copy of casanas milagros criminal complaint1.png Copy of casanas milagros criminal complaint2.png Copy of casanas milagros criminal complaint3.png Copy of casanas milagros criminal complaint4.png
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