United States Off-duty CPB Rogue Forces School Bus off Road & Confronts Students

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  1. Mike

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    Just another loser from DHS on the rampage ....

    KVIA: Off-Duty CBP Officer Allegedly Forces School Bus Off Road, Confronts Students

    Of course the rogue's identity is being concealed.

    We need names with these reports so these creeps can't hide!
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  2. Mike

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    Updated version of article, same link as above, title is now changed:

    EPISD names Off-Duty CBP Ofcr who Allegedly Forced Bus Off Road, Confronted Students -- Officials: Cited for Disruption of Transportation in Thursday night incident

  3. Mike

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    & more:

    KFOX14 uncovers name of CBP officer who pulled over school bus

  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

  5. nachtnebel

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    The heck with "investigating". Just FIRE his @SS!

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