Ohio Mall Security Guard Fired After Video goes Viral

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  1. A security guard for an Ohio shopping mall made a complete fool of herself as she tried to prevent people from taking photos of a truck that ended up in a ravine on mall property.
    Officer Adams, as she describes herself in the above video, first threatened to confiscate cameras, then ordered people to delete their photos and finally ended up pushing a woman who immediately fought back.
    The two women ended up punching and kicking each other on the street as onlookers calmly observed, including one who video recorded the debacle.
    As outrageous as the video is, it is even more outrageous that the spokesman for the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville defended the security guard’s actions, telling WTRF that she was merely doing her job, which is to prevent people from taking photos on mall property.
    Mall Director of Corporate Communications, Joe Bell, told WTRF on Monday that the fight occurred on mall property and the security guard was doing her job and was explaining to the woman that no pictures were allowed on mall property when the fight broke out.
    Bell added no one was charged in the incident.​
    While it’s true that private companies can set their own policies regarding photography, they should notify customers about this policy as they enter the mall as they usually do about prohibitions against smoking or soliciting.
    If they are so serious about their policy that they would allow security guards to attack shoppers, then they should post their policy on their website as the Crabtree Valley Mall in North Carolina did.
    PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography, videotaping, or similar recordations are strictly prohibited without explicit permission from the mall management.
    Failure to obey these rules or to comply with lawful and reasonable requests by the Crabtree Valley Mall Management, Special Police or Security will result in your being asked to leave the mall. If you refuse to leave, you will be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass.​
    But as strict as the Crabtree Valley Mall is about photography, even they know they can only order people off the property or have them arrested for trespassing.
    They can’t order you to delete your photos nor can they order you to hand over your camera. And they certainly can’t get physical with you if you refuse to stop taking photos or even if you refuse to leave. They can only call the cops on you.
    Fortunately for Adams, she wasn’t fired, but if she was, she is certainly qualified to work at 50 State Security in Miami.
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    The story DOES NOT completely MATCH the video.

    The mall cop initiated the fight, but then got COMPLETELY OWNED. oh my. No matter how you add the points. She kept trying to reach for her pepper spray or tazer, but couldn't get to it. That's the funniest vid I've seen in some time. The decision to charge nobody rewards the photogger big time in this case.

    My guess is that ms mall cop will be quietly fired at an opportune legal moment.
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    I was almost hoping for a choke-out near the end, there...
  4. At first, Ohio Valley Mall officials remained loyal to the security guard who went berserk on a group of citizens taking photos of a truck that ended up in a ravine on mall property, telling a local news station that she was merely doing her job when she got into a physical confrontation with another woman.
    But that was before the jaw-dropping video went viral over the weekend.
    On Monday, the Cafaro Company announced that “Officer Adams” was fired following a week-long “investigation” into whether or not her actions met the standards of the company.
    Now Belmont County prosecutors are also investigating to determine whether any charges need to be filed against the Adams or the others.
    In a brief telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Wednesday, Joe Bell, director of communications for the Cafaro Company, said the rule against photography has been in place for at least ten years when people would stage accidents, such as slip-and-fall incidents, with the intention of suing the mall.
    “There were also cases of potential thieves photographing security details of jewelry stores,” he said. “So to prevent that from happening, our legal department drafted the policy.”
    But he also acknowledged that times have changed where almost everybody is carrying a camera, so mall security guards are instructed to use a common sense approach to dealing with shoppers who are taking photos.
    “You could have a situation where a grandmother is taking a picture of her grandson standing in front of a Christmas tree or a celebrity signing where hundreds of kids are taking photographs,” he said.
    “Or if a wife is buying a sweater for her husband and she takes a picture to send it to him. Nobody is going to be cracking down on those types of situations.”
    In the case of Officer Adams, she was fired when it was determined she did not use a common sense approach to this policy.


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    Coming to a TSA checkpoint near you. Clerk material for sure. Is this mall near an airport?
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    "Bernadette Fife." Barney's second cousin, twice removed.
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    Already has a blue shirt and fake cop badge.

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