OKC Airport Police Drag Man Face Down Through Airport

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Charges were dropped after they'd had their fun ...

    News 9 - Oklahoma's Own (23 March 2012): Police Tase, Drag Man Through OKC Airport

    Associated Press (26 Mar 2012): Okla police investigating arrest of man at airport

  2. Frank

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    I guess that will teach people not to opt out. :D
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  3. Lisa Simeone

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    Something similar happened to Claire Hirschkind, only she wasn't Tased. But she was handcuffed and dragged across the floor. It's in my Master List.
  4. Lisa Simeone

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    Reporter says the police "had to" Tase him "several more times."

    "Had to"? Really??

    You can hear the guy screaming, "I give up! I give up!" While the cops continue to yell at him, "Put your hands behind your back!"

    For god's sake, I've never been Tasered, thank god, but I can only imagine that you're, uh, stunned. And maybe you don't have full motor control. That's certainly been the case in many other videos we've seen of police thugs repeatedly Tasing people who are already on the ground.

    Passages from "It Can't Happen Here" keep going through my head. This stuff is exactly what Sinclair Lewis wrote about in that book. No stun guns in the 1930s, but the same behavior. Police brutality, freely expressed, witnessed by others. And on it goes.
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  5. Caradoc

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    Hans Marrero. Former Chief Instructor for Hand-to-Hand Combat, USMC, Parris Island. Took a grenade, still completed his mission. Can't crawl five feet to pick up a gun while being Tased.

    I'd say the Taser's pretty damned effective at eliminating motor control if the probes are placed correctly.
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    Caradoc, thank you for posting that. Intense. I'm sure I'll use it at some point in arguing with a dimwit who claims that Tasers/stun guns are no big deal.

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