One Reason People Accept TSA's Sexual Abuse

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  1. I would just like to add that my mother is a mental health professional, and she is as horrified as any of us about these procedures. I don't know what organizations she belongs to... maybe I should suggest she write some letters.
  2. Lisa Simeone

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    Here's an article I remember from last year, in the Christian Science Monitor. I'm still digging through my files to find the account of one of the professional psychological organizations making an official statement; I know I have it somewhere.
    For sexual crime victims, TSA pat-downs can be 're-traumatizing'
    The TSA's latest efforts to increase airport security include 'enhanced' pat-downs that have been criticized as invasive. Rape counselors advise that victims know their rights to protect themselves.
    By Elizabeth Fuller, Correspondent / November 24, 2010

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  3. Lisa Simeone

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    Still looking, but in the meantime, two articles worth reading:

    Special Report: Coping with Post Screening Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTSD) after TSA Pat Downs

    Are Patdowns Sexual Harassment?
    Patdowns include behaviors and treatment defined as sexual abuse.
    Published on November 26, 2010 by Alison Rose Levy in Tribal Intelligence
  4. barbell

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    I think that first one is satire.

    As to the second one, I'm still surprised that even after that demonstration these things are still going on.

  5. Lisa Simeone

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    Oh, (expletive deleted), how obnoxious -- that first one is satire. It's too close to the real thing; I don't think people ridiculing this stuff is funny. And I like a lot of sick humor.
  6. barbell

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    Well, sometimes satire can be the best way to shine a light on a hideous situation. Though, in this case I agree it is in poor taste.

    Consider The Onion for modern audiences, and Jonathan Swift from an earlier time.
  7. Lisa Simeone

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    I love The Onion and Jonathan Swift. I guess that's the difference -- those, in my book, are examples of good satire, effective satire, often hilarious satire. The TSA thing quoted above strikes me as attempted satire that, in fact, doesn't get the point. I read it as ridiculing victims of TSA abuse, not the TSA itself.
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    Assume a submissive demeanor. Understand that people who have been placed in a position of power over other individuals hate to have that power questioned. Many who find their own power under scrutiny will escalate the situation to prove their authority. To keep the TSA agents happy, it is best to remain non-confrontational.
    The day I assume a submissive demeanor will be a cold day in (expletive deleted).
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    I think you're absolutely right - people don't see it because they don't understand it, and once it's pointed out to them, they get it.

    As I've continued reading this thread, I realized I'd forgotten the claims of sexual harassment. It really does feel like sexual harassment... Do any of you know if anyone has successfully sued the TSA using sexual harassment as the claim?
  10. barbell

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    Which makes this argument even more difficult to make. If I recollect correctly, it's something like 7% of the total US population that travels by air regularly. People just simply aren't going to encounter these procedures. Which, to me, makes the reports more than "one offs" as Pistole likes to call them.

    There was a guy in Denver who tried this angle, I believe. Of the group of anti-scope and grope lawsuits, I believe his is the only one who agreed to go through the Appeals court instead of the District courts.
  11. Sunny Goth

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    I'm wondering about sexual harassment as opposed to sexual assault.....
  12. barbell

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    Ah, good point.

    I'm not aware of any. There was some debate as to whether someone could push their HR department on this issue. I think we had a less active member here whose HR department had taken the tack that they wouldn't require employees to travel due to TSA. I'll try, but I doubt I can find that thread in a reasonable time.

    FWIW, I don't think there's been a lawsuit. Though I've heard anecdotal stories of screeners becoming offended and complaining to their supervisors that a passenger was sexually harassing them during a grope. Now that's rich.
  13. Sunny Goth

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    I'll start checking around.. I don't think I've heard of any either.

    They have a lot of nerve.
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  14. Lisa Simeone

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    Once again, I'm the voice of pessimism. My friends/family/colleagues have had it pointed out them, numerous times, over the past two years. They also travel a lot. They don't care. As long as it doesn't happen to them, they don't care. They prefer to stick their heads in the sand.

    As for an HR dept changing its policy to not require employees to fly anymore, yes, that was stated by someone at TUG a few months ago, I remember it distinctly. I don't know if it was a regular TUG member who posted it or somebody who only posted once. I think the former. Which, if so, that person will find this conversation sooner or later and tell us.
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    Welcome to the club. :D I posted that myself once & got nailed for it.
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  17. Lisa Simeone

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    Exactly. Just like every new survey that comes out asking people what annoys them most about air travel these days. It's always the important stuff like pillows and peanuts and blankies. Not the fact that their rights -- and bodies -- are routinely violated. This is America. This is our much-vaunted exceptionalism.
  18. Lisa Simeone

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    I said earlier in this thread that I'd post the reply of a friend of mine who's in the mental health profession. I sent her the link to the Master Lists and asked her if any of the professional organizations had issued or were going to issue a public statement on this, on the fact that abuse -- sexual and otherwise -- is now routine at airports. Here's her latest reply:
  19. FaustsAccountant

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    One I've never heard before came from a person in HR from my company, one who has never flown and never well:

    "Well its your fault you were selected for the screening. My brother flew last year and didn't get chosen. YOU must have done something wrong or had a angry face for them to notice."

    I can't said that's a commonly shared viewpoint but I have heard the same said to sexually assaulted victims. It's wrong, you, I, and everyone in this forum knows it.

    Most of my coworkers (namely those whom haven't flown in 10 years) blow me off with
    "It lasts like what, 2 minutes? Just deal with it and move on."
    So now our unspoken policy with the company is: let's not talk about TSA. You can talk about Penn State and anything else, but not TSA.
    Note: only 4 people, myself included out of the 100 people in this location fly/travel for work.
  20. Lisa Simeone

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    FaustsAccountant, one poster at TUG a few months back told us that the HR dept at his place of work has changed its policies to allow employees who don't acquiesce to being abused to not be forced to fly. Wherever that is, it's an unusually enlightened workplace. Someone else here changed jobs so as not to be forced to fly.

    For everyone else, the naysayers, the dismissives, the ridiculers and mockers, one of these days they'll get their comeuppance. Or their loved ones will. Then again, maybe they'll have as little sympathy for their family members as they do for the rest of humanity.
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