Online Submission of Complaints to the DHS Office of Inspector General

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  1. Mike

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    Just found another form -- this is a web form that will submit your complaint directly to the DHS OIG. If you provide a valid email address, you will receive a complaint number as confirmation that your complaint has been received and logged. This is probably the BEST avenue for most complaints:

    I'll post screen shots in the first response.​
  2. Mike

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    DHS-OIG Corruption - Misconduct Allegation Submission Form1.png DHS-OIG Corruption - Misconduct Allegation Submission Form2.png DHS-OIG Corruption - Misconduct Allegation Submission Form3.png
  3. FliesWay2Much

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    This is also an excellent way to build the data base of complaints because there is an electronic paper trail. There is plenty of opportunity to name names. As a matter of fact, the OIG form is all about bad people.

    There is still the acknowledgment that you will go to jail if you lie. In the "How" section, there is a note about supporting evidence. This is a great opportunity to upload a video or still photographs.
  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    "going to jail if you lie" only seems likely if the OIG initiates a major inquiry that turns out to be unfounded because your lied. Remember that this is the same OIG that is swamped with Border Patrol & Customs misconduct cases. I haven't heard of any backlash against citizens on his part.

    One should remember that lying to any U.S. Federal apparatchik is a crime. If there's something you don't want to say, decline to answer; don't lie.

    Many people have a natural reluctance to sit down and compose something, worse when you have to put some paper in the old typewriter or write it out in long hand. Having an email address helps. Having this webform, I think, will really help.

    Rembember that by their own admission TSA manages to lose about 80% of the complaints that are filed directly with them. That won't happen with the OIG. The OIG also looks for patterns and problems in the complaints, directly investigates agency practices on his own initiative as well as based on complaints received, and issues public recommendations for corrective actions.

    At the end of the day we still have :td: TSA, but with a visible log of the all the complaints that have been filed through the OIG.
  5. CelticWhisper

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    "If we determine that your allegation should be investigated by another agency, we may refer it to that agency for any action it deems necessary."

    How resistant is OIG to pressure from Pistole or whoever replaces Napolitano to "refer" complaints to TSA itself, which will then go about losing them or finding that "proper procedures were followed" (or some other passive-voice platitudes) and thus leave citizens high and dry?

    From what I've read I get the general impression that if OIG is involved the gloves are, at least partially, off. Does "because nine eleven, that's why" work against it/him/her/them or no?
  6. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    The DHS OIG has raked CPB (approx. 2000 misconduct & 150 corruption cases) over the coals rather badly. He's spread very thin & has been forced to farm out a lot minor cases.

    But the bottom line is that we KNOW that TSA manages to "lose" about 80% of it's complaints. We know that with the OIG at least your complaint will be acknowledged and logged, and it will be fed into the mass of information his office relies on for their corrective recommendations.

    Personally I would feel that my complaint would have more impact if sent to the OIG, but "your mileage may vary".
  7. Sunny Goth

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    This is also part of the why the privacy community has encouraged people to send their complaints to them too, particularly EPIC and the ACLU.

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