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  1. Mike

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    Discussion of OpenDNS, etc., relocated from the Policy/Announcements forum:

    From Wikipedia:

    OpenDNS is a company that offers a name server with spelling correction, phishing protection, and optional content filtering. In exchange, OpenDNS collects marketing data about its users, and shows them targeted advertising on web search engine result pages. The company's Umbrella cloud-delivered security service purports to secure corporate customers from malware, botnets and phishing on iDevices and Windows-based computers.

    Can you scream "No, thank you!" loudly enough? I can. I don't want any one manipulating the data packets between the source and my laptop other than decrementing the hop counts.
  2. RB

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    Are there any good dns providers outside of your service provider?
  3. Mike

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    Usually not. Your service provider will have some things tuned for your locale, e.g. widely used download services. They will also be more efficient since other DNS servers will required additional hops in each direction, and all this is done before you try to access the content that you're really after.
  4. RB

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    DNS benchmark is a free utility that will test popular dns servers from your computer. I may download and see the results.
  5. Mike

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    Ping is also free and already on your computer. It measures the whole round trip, DNS plus actual packets to/from the domain that you want to communicate with.

    Seriously, messing with DNS is something most people should not bother with.

    I will be moving these DNS related posts to the off-topic forum.

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