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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by barbell, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Share your experiences while opting out here...
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    So, I have a good friend who is working towards advanced study in radiology. I received the below text verbatim from him today:

    I encouraged him to file a police report as the DA had indicated he would prosecute overly aggressive "pat downs" at SFO.

    I know he was getting on a flight to ANC this afternoon, so my response text may not have gotten to him in time.

    Of course, SFO uses MMW, but I'm not convinced it's entirely harmless as we have yet to see a long-term use on human health study. Though I do agree that experts far wiser in the field than I find theoretical models to show no damage to human tissue, we simply have no basis of understanding what long-term effects on a large population will be. I am reminded that shoe store fluoroscopes were once "completely safe" and that smoking could improve respiratory function.
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    ATL opt-out and couldn't see my laptop, purse, camera etc - the bullies just stood in front of me to keep me from walking around the WTMD - when I complained they (there were two of them) said "it was your choice to opt-out, this didn't have to happen". I argued rather loudly and got the attention of a sup who intervened on my behalf. The whole thing was childish...

    Another time in Duluth, MN some power hungry matron decided she wanted to put her hands in my pants. Note they didn't even have NoS - just WTMD which I didn't alarm - when I questioned her she told me my pants were too baggy...so now they're the fashion police. :eek:
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    This is my most recent opt-out, which took place at ORD.


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