Orange County Register: Keeping Fear Alive

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    A bit windy but a good editorial ...

    Orange County Register: Keeping Fear Alive (Aug 20 2013)


    Our government police state is working frantically to keep fear alive in the minds of citizens. The TSA continues to grow, even without any increasing threats to our safety.

    Osama bin Laden lives every day, through the monster he created. He is smiling at our loss of freedoms, the indignities we have suffered and the costs we have borne since 9/11. We continue to overestimate al-Qaida’s ability to sucker punch us once again on American soil.

    Twelve years after 9/11, airline passengers are still instructed not to bring three things with them to the airport: more than three ounces of fluids, more than one carry-on bag, and even a shred of dignity. It is sad when the TSA makes families traveling for the summer feel awkward and uncomfortable, thus replacing the traditional role of the actual family reunion they are attending.

    Allegations of misconduct by workers at this unionized behemoth, which range from stealing and bribery to substance abuse on duty, have increased by 26 percent. Four L.A. airport TSA officers were caught on camera snorting cocaine, marking the first time lines have gone that fast at LAX.
    When put on suspension, TSA agents squeeze cantaloupes to stay current. Soon, they will be allowed to ask passengers their names, destinations, turn-offs and turn-ons.

    It is an agency accountable to no one.


    The TSA handled more packages this summer than FedEx and Anthony Weiner combined.


    Now, TSA agents want to expand their groping empire by plying their gentle craft at sporting events. Maybe San Diego Mayor Bob Filner could run that effort for them.


    Our country was founded by a bunch of folks who thought there was a better way, based on freedom, to do things.


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