Orlando Cop Threatens to Confiscate Camera as “Evidence”

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  1. Brian Green’s adventure with authorities last month did not end with him getting harassed by a parking enforcement officer (I’ve since learned that the term, male meter maid,” is politically incorrect) day he went back to downtown Orlando and came close to having a suicidal woman fall on top of him.
    This is how he describes it on his blog:
    I heard a loud thud as i was walking around the corner of a building and to my surprise there was a body laying there. A lady jumped out of a parking garage and fell through the awning of the building below and then hit the pavement. Not even a minute or two after i had made it around the corner a bunch of cops showed up and i just started shooting.​
    He continued shooting after police arrived on the scene, which was when an Orlando police officer threatened to seize his camera as “evidence.”
    Then she told him she didn’t want him trying to make himself famous on Youtube.
    “I make my living off Youtube,” said Green in a quick telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Monday, who has more than 4,200 subscribers on his channel.
    Although many cops threaten to confiscate cameras as evidence, they have no legal right to do so unless it is done under exigent circumstances, which means there is fear that the person will delete the evidence.
    And in this case, it was just a bluff because there was nothing he was recording that contained any actual evidence.
    His photo ended up running in the Orlando Sentinel.
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