Our TSA ordeal

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Description from YouTube:

    This TSA agent gives my mom the full grope-down at Norfolk VA airport and then complains that my brother is violating her rights by filming it. Oh the irony.

    Irony, indeed! :rolleyes:
  3. Frank

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    Whose rights? The mom's? Or the pedosmurf's?
  4. I'm feeling like I might barf if I watch the video at the moment, but this is amazing in the comments:

    Wow. And again: wow. It gets more and more kafkaesque and pervy by the day!! Rugape, can you explain this one? (Never mind, I'm sure it's SSI.) So a good protest in this situation? Just keep right on flinching. How long will the perv keep stroking your (expletive deleted)? See how long you can keep it going. See if anybody notices the freak show rubbing a woman's (expletive deleted) over and over again.

    Really, if I didn't have kids with me all the time, I'd be itching to fly and create spectacles.

    ETA: Another possible response to the perv claiming that you have to stop flinching or she'll keep rubbing your (expletive deleted): "It just feels so good! I get a tingly jolt every time you do it!"
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  5. CelticWhisper

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    I can explain it - pure, petty authoritarianism. "Do as I say because I say it. Respect the (meaningless and fake) badge. I'm the one in the uniform (that's as ugly on the outside as I am on the inside), so you have to do as I say and obey, obey, obey." It's thuggery, plain and simple, and it's what all 65000 TSA smurf-clerks are guilty of on a daily basis. This is just further proof that if someone works for TSA, that makes them a thug. "Doing my job" now necessarily (in the philosophical causal sense of necessity) means being a thug.

    Also, what I wouldn't give to see mandatory and permanent expatriation and deportation for each and every last TSA employee who ever withheld information from the public under that fake "classification" of SSI. Oh, to keep and cherish photographs of the looks on their faces as the border gates slam shut and they realize they'll never again set foot in their precious United States of Homeland for as long as they live. Take part in (expletive deleted) up this country and you get to leave it forever. Seems only fair to me.
  6. RB

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    Don't expect anything from Rugape, he won't even say if a pat down makes contact with a person genitals.

    TSA and its employees are afraid of what will happen if they are ever honest about what they do.
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  7. We've seen this once before -- I think it was Leanne who had a friend who went through the scanner, just a few days post-miscarriage, in pain and wearing a sanitary napkin, and she was hauled aside for a very thorough patdown in which she got lots of karate chops to the genitals and such. She was flinching all over the place because she was in so much pain, and two very mean prison matrons got really nasty with her, told her she wasn't flying anywhere unless she withstood a rough and invasive full enhanced patdown without flinching, crying, or making a peep. And don't forget, this was POST scanner. Backscatter, I think. I'll look for the thread if I get a chance later.

    There must be some kind of policy about it. NO FLINCHING ALLOWED DURING SEXUAL PUNISHMENT SESSIONS! Unless Rugape says otherwise, I say that it's so.

    ETA: Here's the thread -- FLINCHING IS NOT ALLOWED
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    I agree. I think we should adopt a policy of assuming, and loudly and publicly proclaiming, that conclusion which reflects worst on TSA any and every time a smurf-clerk or spokeshole declares something "SSI." That way, if they insist on keeping it secret, we lambast them with bad PR which they have already decided they won't deny because their precious secrecy is too important to them. So either we get more people to hate them and make their lives miserable or they're forced to reveal their (expletive deleted) SSI. We win either way.
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  9. Caradoc

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    ...admits in public to being an employee of an agency that only employs morons, thugs, thieves, and perverts.

  10. Mike

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    That last exchange about "resistance" was pretty telling, basically just regurgitating as per their instructions.
  11. RB

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    Perhaps I'm just not sharp enough to understand how saying yes or no to such a general question could be tantamount to releasing something SSI unless TSA has specifically told its employees to never divulge that the pat down does in fact require contact with a persons genitals. I have no reason to believe it does not.
  12. Doober

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    When the video first starts, I think I see a male TSA employee, who is standing at the end of the roped off exit to whatever peep show the TSA is using at Norfolk, touching a female in a yellow top who is exiting the machine.
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    It doesn't. It just means that the person giving the "pat answer" is refusing to admit to anyone (including himself) that he's juggling people's junk for a paycheck, based on the lie that he's actually trying to keep anyone "safer."
  14. RB

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    And in doing so takes the process from "http://www.travelunderground.org/index.php?threads/compliance-vs-sadism.4975/unread". At least we know what TSA employees are!
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    Yes, this is eerily (and disgustingly) reminiscent of not only my friend's experience at LAX (thanks Phoebe for recalling that), but also my own similar one...which is why my friend emailed me about it to begin with, because it was almost identical to what I had related to her had happened to ME when I flew to Mexico last year! Same story - during the grope-down, when the brutish groper slammed her thumb up into my vajayjay, I flinched...and she started screaming "I can't screen this lady!" I remember wondering if the gal who screened Gina was the same one as mine since they both screamed out the same line - except that mine didn't have dreadlocks. It must be something they're trained: when the vic flinches jump back, throw your blue-gloved hands up in the air, and scream "I can't screen this lady!"

    So now we learn, once and for all, direct from the mouth of a TSO, that "flinching is not allowed"!
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    So there's no reason not to "flinch" in such a manner that your knee results in a pedosmurf eating applesauce for eight weeks due to wiring her jaw shut.
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    So why are folks in such a hurry that they don't refuse the search and try another gate/airline? It may cost a few hundred extra but that beats getting sexually assaulted.
  18. LeeAnne

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    In my case, it was because a) it would have cost a helluva lot more than a few hundred, and b) I was traveling with my elderly, disabled mother, who had already made it through her sexual assault and was waiting for me on the sterile side. I didn't have the option of bailing and trying another checkpoint, or missing my flight and buying another ticket.

    And by the way, I can't help but feel that I shouldn't have to justify my choice to do what I could to get through the ordeal and make my flight. It feels a bit like blaming the victim to me.
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    Wow, that was disturbing. Not to mention the fact that the clothes were form fitting. It was almost the equivalent of patting down bare skin.
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    This is as disgusting and infuriating as the day they started this two years ago.

    There's a special place in (expletive deleted) for John Pistole if he doesn't change his ways. Right next to Judas.

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