Our TSA ordeal

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  1. Personally, before I started looking at FT and TUG, I wouldn't have realized such a think was do-able. Even now, if I was flying out of a big enough airport to switch gates, I would feel pretty overwhelmed by the thought of it, not knowing if it would work out, not knowing how much money I would be out, not knowing if I might get stuck over night and if I did, where I would sleep and how I would get my baggage, etc. I don't think it's just an issue of complacency -- it's a pretty daunting concept if you aren't a super seasoned traveler.
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    Once the girl took off her yellow sweater and revealed her tank top underneath, I was wondering if the goon was going to "pat down" her bare skin. If you watch carefully, she actually does - she runs her hands down the straps of the tank top! HUH?? They are narrow strings of fabric, behind which nothing could be hiding - what purpose is served by running her hands down them? Obviously this is done for the sole purpose of exerting power and control.
  3. I'm sure Rugape is aware of many dangerous items that can be hidden in tank top straps.
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    Detcord. :rolleyes:
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    I understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances where it simply isn't rational to make a fuss unless there is something seriously amiss but for regular fliers they know, or should know, the drill well enough to refuse and leave.

    Usually the rebook fees are minimal or waived if you are a frequent flier and the employer is picking up the tab anyway so it is simply a matter of time. I've changed flights for no other reason than a wanted to eat dinner or have a drink instead of sitting on a crowded flight at the push opting for a later flight that was less congested.

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