Over 2:1 Oppose Secret Record Gathering

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by KrazyKat, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I just want to know what on earth is wrong with the 26 percent who think the NSA's activities are acceptable. Who are these nitwits?
  3. Mike

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    One likely reason why NSA's new data center was built in the middle of Nowhere, Utah, is that it's hard to get enough people with firebrands out there to torch it properly.

    Our Bastille Day is coming. :D We had our first revolution in 1776 to rid ourselves of an insane king who was becoming more than minor nuisance, but still really just a nuisance. Our next revolution will be more along the lines of the French model, as we clean house and expunge ourselves of a ruling elite so out of touch that they simply can't comprehend why we no longer love them.
  4. Elizabeth Conley

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    I think our government knows this. The French Revolution really frightened monarchs all over the world. Now our malfeasant oligarchs are getting antsy. They know there's a very real possibility that Americans will suddenly snap, and a mob mentality of retaliation will set in. Inevitably, it will be the pawns who suffer the most. It's unlikely the real villians will be caught and prosecuted.

    The reason why our government obsesses about the "danger" veterans, libertarians and just about anyone with common sense and competency represents is fear. It's fear of the day the American people dismantle our current government and build a new one. The individuals in government believe this cannot be achieved without violence, that they will each lose significant personal power, and that the upheaval will be hard on the general population. I think they're correct, but due to their mindless authoritarianism, there may not be any turning back.

    Our government is chock full of self-righteous authoritarians and outright sociopaths. Their answer to any efforts on our part to rebuild the United States will be increased oppression. Government over-reach will create the very pressure-cooker atmosphere that foments violent revolution.

    Look at the string of scandals our federal government has produced over the last few years. Fast and Furious, Lawless Assassination and indiscriminate Massacre by Drone, Misuse of the IRS to opress the regime's letitimate opponents, DHS's slander of legitimate political movements, targeting and persecution of veterans to the extent of committing deprivation of rights without due process, etc., etc., etc...

    It's crazy, and I think it's set to get crazier. Sooner or later people are going to snap in large numbers, perhaps even collectively. When they do, the mass insanity will be directly atributable to the actions the government took to "protect" itself from so-called "domestic terrorists."

    We have domestic terrorists all right. They're led and organized by Barack Obama and his Lt's, J. Napolitano, E. Holder, L. Lerner, J. Pistole and associates. Think about what domestic terrorism is, and you see exactly who the real criminal conspirators are.

    The criminal malfeasance of this administration and the previous one deeply offends me. This veteran, mother and wife wants nothing more than to live in safety and reasonable prosperity in the country I and my forebears built and defended together. When I was younger I would have been eager to fight them. Now I just want to prolong the calm before the storm for as long as possible. How I do love peace. It is as a balm to my soul, a precious gift from God.

    These stupid thugs are making my life harder than it has to be, and it's clear they plan to make things even more unpleasant for my progeny. May God have mercy on their depraved souls.
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    Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence!
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    Same people who happily go through the airport scanners or into the private grope rooms because it will keep them safe or others, like one of my friends, who told me over dinner the other night "Oh I don't care about what the NSA is doing because I don't have anything to hide". Excuse me, that's NOT the point!
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    It is the innocent who should insist on their Constitutional rights most vehemently. It's easy to make an innocent person LOOK guilty. We law-abiding citizens are generally complete patsies and incredibly easy marks. I hope your friend is allowed to retain her naiveté.
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    Only tangentially related, but I had to stifle a spit-take when I saw how perfect the captions were on this beauty.


    Be careful what you wish for, DHS.
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  9. RB

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    Your only innocent until the government decides you are not.
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    "Like" it? No, LOVE it!!!!!
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    For the most part, I hate bumper stickers but I'd love to have this in such a display. Anyone know how to do it?
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    ha. made my day.

    see something, say something.

    would NOT sell a life insurance policy to mr. snowden.
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    NSA, DHS, TSA employees, for a start. Anyone who knows full well that without a terrorized populace, they haven't a whelk's chance in a supernova of holding a real job.
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  16. Something's wrong with that headline:

    Most Americans back NSA tracking phone records, prioritize probes over privacy


    How is 45% "most"? That's Orwellian spin, unless I'm reading it wrong.
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  17. But then there's this one:

    Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic

    Seems like the stats are all over the map, and conforming to the respective slants of the polling agencies. Or maybe the masses need a little more time for this stuff to sink in. Or, they're still open to suggestion.
  18. RB

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    I don't think there is any way government can be trusted with this data, nor should it be collected. The Fourth amendment is pretty clear:

    What needs to be questioned are how our electeds became traitors to this country. There is no question they knew of these data collection efforts and not only stayed silent but approved.
  19. Rugape

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    It is the same problem that occurs in 99% of the polling out there, they publish the largest statistical result as the "most", when in reality it is simply the largest percentage in agreement - even when there is a larger percentage for the opposite side of the argument, they are just divided in level (like 45% agree that tapping without a warrant is ok, 35% disagree vehemently, 15% disagree with the premise but are unsure of the legality, 5% would rather die than let this happen - they publish that "most" agree). It also ties in with the other major problem with polling, how they phrase the questions and the answers that are allowed as a response. These polls are nothing but a tool for whichever side they represent, even the "respected" polling data is slanted one way or the other.
  20. RB

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    Snowden has disappeared. Who has him and if US agents have him will he be sanctioned?

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