Paddy Waggin' -- What is the deal with the TSA & their nutty tactics lately?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Reassuring to see that someone out there gets the overall picture ...

    Paddy Notar / Turn Again Times: Paddy Waggin' -- What is the deal with the TSA & their nutty tactics lately?

    What is the deal with the Transportation Security Administration and their nutty tactics lately? I thought it was bad enough when they made a woman drink her own breast milk to prove that it wasn’t a chemical agent that she was transporting through security. Now they are frisking children. According to the TSA it’s necessary in order to avoid another 9/11 from happening again. In their minds, it all makes sense. But to travelers it’s not just a nuisance, it’s a crime.

    Here’s another extreme example ...
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    "Some airports have TSA jerks. Some airports don't. Each airport is different." :rolleyes:

    At least way up in small town Alaska the word is getting out. ;)
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    Didn't some TSA employees start to wear dosimeter badges and then a national memo came out forbidding it so they wouldn't scare the Kettles?
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    Unfortunately, this is true, and it seems to work against us in some capacity. Those travelers who only go through airports where the smurf-clerks have been better trained in pretending to be human don't always see the problem because they're appreciative of the cordiality exhibited by said smurf-clerks.

    Of course, being cordial does not excuse one from culpability in supporting the greatest threat to civil liberties our generation has ever known - "just doing the job" IS, itself, the crime, because those actions required by TSA SOP (genital contact, refusing admission of wrongdoing, lying to and intimidating travelers, and acting to maximize feelings of personal and sexual violation by said travelers) are inexcusable even in the face of an otherwise-guaranteed 9/11 every week. Cordiality just makes a screener a friendlier sort of thug.

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