Lawsuit Paralyzed Vet Sues Airport, Airline Workers For Mistreatment At O’Hare [ORD]

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  1. Mike

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    Unfortunately TSA wasn't involved in this and isn't a target of the suit, but this should help place a "value" on being drenched in the contents of one's wastes at the hands of the misfits working in airports.

    CBS Chicago: Paralyzed Vet Sues Airport, Airline Workers For Mistreatment At O’Hare

    A former U.S. Marine, who was left in a wheelchair following his service in Afghanistan, is filing a lawsuit alleging he was injured and left soaked in his own urine after he was mistreated by airline and airport workers at O’Hare International Airport nearly two years ago.

    WBBM Newsradio’s Terry Keshner reports former Marine Sgt. Joseph Smith was wounded in Afghanistan in 2004, and confined to a wheelchair.

    Smith is suing Air Serv Corporation and United Airlines for $300,000 in damages, claiming an Air Serv employee carelessly dumped him out of his wheelchair at O’Hare in November 2010, after ignoring warnings a wheel had become stuck.


    He suffered a concussion, and said he was denied an aisle seat on his United Airlines flight, and was forced to drag himself to his seat without help. His catheter bag spilled in the process, soaking him with urine.

    His attorney, Alex Hattimer, said, “the catheter bag ruptures, he ends up with urine spilled all over him. He drags his urine-covered, limb body down the aisle.”
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    Where were the FAs while this was going on, reading Tiger Beat in the galley? Or if they were pre-merger UA employees, busy profiling for EvilDoers? :rolleyes:
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    Every time these loser airlines merge, service only gets worse.

    I'm incredulous that over 600 million people continue to fly each no matter how miserable the travel experience becomes.
  4. Mike

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    It's the culture, and a lot of it is the airline. The UA half especially of Uninental has been through the wringer the last ten years.

    The only large airlines that really have any "team spirit" & sense of mission left are Southwest, and to a lesser degree Delta.

    I really hope UA pulls it together because long term (assuming I start flying again at some point) I greatly prefer *A.
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    And Southwest started the whole cattle car experience that has led to this mess.
  6. Mike

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    I like flying on Southwest. Being on a 100% full 737 MDW-MSP that is buzzing with chatter from people who seem to be happy to be there, along with flight attentants who might or might not display their schtick in flight, pilots that often step back to the cabin to greet the passengers before the flight -- it's a very different experience but quite positive experience than the legacy (and all now smaller!) carriers.

    I find Southwest's boarding system to be quite orderly, much better than the "y'all board now" that I've seen a few times on other airlines.

    I'll admit that flying free on them for 2.5 years has perhaps clouded my judgement, given that I learned how to work all aspects of their system. :D
  7. Mike

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