Passenger: no, TSA, you can’t have my vodka

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    As you know, we’ve told you about the TSA’s little drink charade a few times before.​
    Long after you’ve cleared security, they come around to the gate and wave their little magic wand over your drink, a drink you’ve purchased in the so-called sterile area, to pretend they’re doing something. And if you don’t allow them to play little games with your drink, they might just make you miss your flight.
    Well, this woman would have none of it. The TSA didn’t pull the magic wand trick here; they just told the woman she couldn’t take her Big Scary Bottle of More-Than-Three-Ounces of Vodka on the plane. She wasn’t about to let it go to waste.
    So she offered swigs to other passengers in line.
    No word on whether the TSA detained or otherwise abused her. She looks like a tough cookie, though. Good for her for standing up to the martinets.
    (Photo: Adam Conner)

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