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    Hi all. I'm new and looking for help to stop being molested because I'm carrying a medication that cannot be xrayed. This is an injectable containing less than a tablespoon of medication. Recently traveled through San Diego airport just to be told that because of my med that cannot be xrayed I must be subjected to :
    Extra screening, complete bomb Check of all my luggage ,plus now I get the rape job too and When I refuse. I'm told I cannot travel. This is NOT America really... On the sterile side we have no advocate ! I'm appalled with this treatment and am told by TSA customer non - service that they followed protocol. I want to travel I want to feel as safe as everyone on my flight but I'm the only one that was treated this way. AND when I ask for names they have their badges turned backwards and they start yelling harassment . I want a supervisor. I have been told they don't have to give me their names. Leaving them open to treat me any way they want including rape!!
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    Welcome to TUG! I'm sorry to hear about the horrible treatment you received, but I'm not surprised.. :sigh:
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    Welcome to TUG, Pat. I'm sorry this happened to you.

    EDIT: Note Mike's excellent resource below (bookmarked for future reference)
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    Pat, terribly sorry but not surprised. The TSA exists to bully, harass, and abuse passengers. That's their Standard Operating Procedure.
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    Hi, Pat. Welcome to TUG but I'm sorry that your issues at the airport have brought you here.

    Is it just at San Diego that you have encountered this obstacle or is it at every single airport where you go through security? If it was just San Diego, then I would send an e-mail to the DHS Inspector General - the office that attempts to keep the TSA honest - and file a complaint with them. I would do that first, before taking any of other the steps outlined in Mike's message above. As Mike suggested, do not file a complaint with the TSA directly for the reason he stated and because if the OIG knows you have already contacted the TSA, the OIG will not follow through.

    The e-mail for the OIG is:

    In the future and not knowing how often you need to take your meds, is it possible to ship them ahead of time to your destination and not carry them through the airport with you?
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    Mike, the e-mail for the DHSOIG led me to a blank page.
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    I travel a lot with husband in tow. I recently started an injectable that must be refrigerated, not xrayed and taken nightly. Cost about $700.00 per loaded syringe. There is literally less than 1 tablespoon of med in the syringe. This has happened at San Diego Boston Logan ( where I had a full body scan and a private room full body pat down while they had my medication out of my site). Glad they are making my fellow fliers feel "safe". That a 61 year old disabled woman is treated like I have a bomb and am a known terriost. It is degrading. Problem.... I have filedv with the customer non- service I do plan a letter to my senator and on and on. I'm in for the fight. To be singled out just because I'm carrying an injectablethat cannot be xrayed is above ridiculous. Appreciate all your help. Will try to follow through. I'll be damned if these terriost in our own country will keep me from flying!!! After all like I tell them. THIS IS AMERICA. with no advocate for travelers who are being harasses just so they can all gather and haves happy day harassing. Again thanks to all
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    Pat, would you be willing to give us a few more details about your experience -- date, airport, approximate time of day, duration of private grope, how many TSA clerks, what they said, details (as much as you feel comfortable) of said grope -- so I can add your story to my Master List?
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    Perhaps share it via private message to protect her identity? Just in case...
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    Yes. I started private conversation with.
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