Penalizing pat downs: What do you think of TSA's pat down procedure?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Bunch of idiots voted "I don't enjoy it, but I know it's for everyone's safety" those are the morons we need to educate. :(
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    I'm liking the poll results. In the beginning (Undie Bomber Time), so many people were afraid that their aircraft would be blown up, that they were willing to accept any type of "security", even if it did nothing to improve security. Let's face it, the majority of TSAs procedures do nothing to keep us safe. However, once the groping started to hit the news, and people started to learn more about the Porn-O-Scopes, especially the Chertoff RapeScannerâ„¢, they've changed their stance on TSA and pat-downs. I personally know a number of people that were fine with things in the beginning, but as time has progressed, they've changed their position, and opt-out each time they travel.

    TSA has got to know that more and more people are becoming fed up with their procedures. Without any accountability from an organization full of thiefs and other criminals, they believe less in the "mission" of TSA. I do want some bit of security, but don't want to be groped to move within my own country. I'm just tired of the b.s. party line from TSA about them keeping us safe. If they really want to do that, then fix up the organization, and do something that really keeps us safe, while reducing the invasiveness of their procedures.

    Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 9.21.19 PM.png
    Screenshot from NY Daily News - TSA Poll
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    This a.m., it's up to 54% "too invasive and unnecessary"!
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    I voted just's 56% "too invasive and unnecessary"!! A lot of us Texans have been voting on it evidently!!
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    It's up to 60% as of this morning.

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