Pending bill in US House: No More Police Impersonations for TSA Clerks

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Elizabeth Conley, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Both AFGE and TSA are mistakes. The press release doesn't contain any mistakes, only lies.
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    Gawd, the TSA apologists at that Atlanta Journal Constitution article -- good grief. I've posted two comments so far, but I can't keep up with all the idiots over there.
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    Lisa, don't bother to waste your energy with these people. It's quite clear from reading through the posts that they are a "clique" that have been "communicating" with each other for quite some time. They are not going to listen, until of course it happens to them.
  5. Lisa Simeone

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    I know. But sometimes it's fun to skewer their pin-sized heads (quel image!).
  6. Mike

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    Besides losing their deputy dog status, they should also be explicitly proscribed from offering any any medical services, evaluations or manipulations.
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    How about we keep the uniforms and instead eliminate the greasy sausages that go inside those blue polyester casings?
  8. nachtnebel

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    great idea. just have mannequins wearing the uni's. Like scarecrows. You could even add automatic hand motions directing pax to WTMD lanes and pre-recorded messages that insult and abuse passengers as they pass by.
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    In all seriousness if TSA would reach out to a company like Disney and learn how to treat extremely large groups of people I'm betting even with the current screening practices TSA wouldn't have half the problems they have today. Of course that is taking on faith that TSA and its employees are in fact trainable which I realize is an open question.
  11. Lisa Simeone

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    Sorry, but this is just as scary in my book. In fact, I can just imagine them doing something like this -- be all nicey-nicey while they strip and abuse you. Learning how to implicate their victims in their own abuse. Like Shoshana Hebshi was told, like millions of us are told, every day, in all sorts of ways, since 9/11: "Sorry. But we're only doing this for your safety."

    No, thanks.
  12. RB

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    With some adjustments in how screening is done and treating people with respect, dignity, and not like common criminals a lot of the tension on both sides of the screening process could be toned down.

    I'm not suggesting that screening practices remain as they are today but I find myself getting defensive when some TSA Screener starts yelling at me, demanding that I do certain things, and being a general TSA ASSHAT which seems to be how TSA wants its people to act. This must change!

    Have no doubt that I believe the TSA screening process is broken on many levels. Evidence of this is found here on this blog, on the TSA Blog, on FT when TSA employees open their mouths and when Pistole or others speak in public. The screeners at the checkpoints need to treat people properly while we force TSA HQ types to change screening practices to reasonable screenings for WEI and nothing more.

    We collectively have to work together on many levels to correct what TSA has created. Firing the TSA Spokesholes who seem to have no issue with being people lacking honesty and integrity need to be some of the first to go since they are in violation of their Oath to the United States of America.
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  13. Elizabeth Conley

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    You and I think our Federal Government owes us The Truth in most cases. Eric Holder recently argued that the Federal Government should adopt a policy of lying to the public about the very existence of documents sought in a Freedom of Information Request. John Pistole lies to Congress without penalty. The TSA spokesholes brazenly lie to the U.S. public without penalty.

    You and I think Citizens should have the right to due process. While two citizens are in the process of suing Mr. Rumsfeld over their secret unlawful detentions and months subjected to torture, Senators John McCain (R) and Carl Levin (D) together drafted the NDAA, hidden within which was a clause which will give future executive branch agency heads legal cover for the very same behaviors.

    I submit to you that Legislators and Executive Branch Agency heads from both parties are actively working together in a war against citizens' rights. I don't think it's a conspiracy. I just think they all want the same thing: more power. The federal legislators and denizens of our Federal Executive Branch all want the power that the U.S. Constitution reserves for the citizens and the states.

    If we're to retain our form of government then we must make substantive changes to our government in the next election cycle. The behaviors we find objectionable are part of a larger pattern which we should all find very alarming.
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    They want to make -- and keep -- us all serfs. They want us to serve them financially and serve them physically. They want us to be cowed and cornered, fearful and sheepish. They'd be happy if most of us were living under bridges (as many already are), scavenging for food, and too afraid to fight back. That's the dream of our overlords, whether they come from the left, right, or on high. They are amoral. They inhabit, as Greg Palast put it when I heard him speak the other night, a different world. They simply inhabit a different world.
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    Disagree. This agency and its leadership cannot be reformed. They have had ample opportunity to show good faith on their part and they have willfully to continued to lie and abuse the public.

    TSA and its leadership need to go. Sane and respectful methods, not just privatization or nice-ification of the existing nonsense, needs to take its place.
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  17. Lisa Simeone

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    I left a comment. I see that some of our members have done likewise.
  18. Sunny Goth

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    Ouch! But how do they really feel? ;)

    I wish more editorials would focus on this though:

    >The agency spends $7.7 billion in taxpayer money every year, and it hasn’t nabbed a single terrorist.

    There's a reason why the TSA hasn't nabbed a single terrorist -- terrorists standing in line to go through screening are rare birds. Really rare. We've had, how many since 9/11? 2? The shoe bomber and the underwear bomber - did I miss any? 2 out of how many millions of fliers?

    We need to have security measures in place, but I'm just not seeing the value in what we're currently doing.
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    And remember that TSA didn't catch either of those two. The strict measures cane AFTER those occasion-as if a terorist would do the same ploy twice.
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  20. I just wish "Stop TSA's Reach In Policy" included outlawing the hands in pants.
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