Pending bill in US House: No More Police Impersonations for TSA Clerks

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Elizabeth Conley, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I know!!!
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    That's funny, same acronym if "Stop TSA Reaching Into Pants".
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    Not sayin' responding to a piece in USAToday is important, but if anyone is on FB and cares to reply to this annoying piece, please do so. The thrust is that the uniforms are superficial, and is an assortment of untrue and true statements:
    There is a sort of 'hearts and minds' out there about whether TSA should be improved/fixed or whether it should be scrapped. My opinion is that it is beyond hope, but we need to assert what happens at airports instead, connecting the dots.
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    That's Steve Frischling again. What is with him?? You'd think he, of all people -- who was threatened in his own home with his small children alone with him by armed TSA "intelligence" thugs and served a subpoena and told he would be arrested -- you'd think he wouldn't be such a TSA apologist. But he has been, again and again. What is wrong with him?? Stockholm Syndrome?

    From his USA Today piece:
    Okay, fine. Actually, that's true. But he's missing the bigger picture. The uniform confers on them a veneer of authority -- that's the whole point. That was the point of the TSA wanting to put them in those uniforms to begin with. People are cowed by the appearance of authority. Doesn't he see that the uniform helps increase the already thuggish behavior of these clerks?
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    Not only have they not caught any "terrorist", but they also have allowed individuals suspected of having ties to terrorism board planes on at least 23 occasions. They missed the Times Square bomber totally - he was on a plane and ready for take off when real law enforcement officers got him.
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    Wasn't the underwear bombed actually assisted through security at AMS because the U.S. authorities wanted to get their hands on him here? Probably the only time TSA has neglected to check someone's shorts.
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    Yep, as Kurt Haskell and his wife have attested.
  9. Yeah, I was unimpressed by his stance -- sure there are uniformed mall cops and the like, but how many of them have a lengthy track record of strip searching, bullying, stealing from and sexually assaulting mall customers, with their management turning a blind eye? Also, I don't disagree that the uniform issue is minor compared to the large scale constitutional violations and such, but nobody's been able to make a dent in the big issues thus far. I welcome Blackburn's approach of targeting the micro issues. Maybe it'll help.
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    Probably got told "Next time we'll make Waco look like a backyard barbeque."
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    Rep. Blackburn's office reached out to Freedom to Travel USA asking them to get their members to drum up support for this bill. Apparently, after an initial flurry, it's languishing. People need to call/write their Congressional reps.
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    I'll do up a letter and post it here. Suggestions for major points/rationales are welcome.

    Rapid-fire day-end brainstorming:

    -Misconduct that'd get LEOs fired
    -Impersonation of LEOs (traffic stop, sexual assault under color of authority)
    -Expenses on uniforms and fakey-fake tin badges
    -Never authorized in the first place
    -Lying about policy (recordings)
    -Makes LEOs look bad due to TSOs' sloppy dress
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  13. I looked at the list of co-sponsors and they're entirely republican. What's that about? Are there any notable anti-TSA dems we could write to?

    Also, Ron Paul appears to be missing from the list. He's a little busy right now, but I'm going to see if there's a way to send him a message that won't get lost in his campaign emails. He might be a good one for all of us to write.
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  15. CelticWhisper

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    *CelticWhisper attacks with a letter*


    Hoping that I can spin "dominate, intimidate, control" in a negative light here in case my Congresscritters happen across the Department of Fatherland Security's slogan.

    As always, this letter is to be considered public domain for editing, adaptation, and creation of derivative works. Also, as always, critiques are welcome, encouraged, and invited.

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