People too stupid to be alive ... yet here they are

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  1. Mike

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    8-figure range? $10M+? I doubt it.

    Will see. The particular source is a bit off beat, but if you Google "Ronald Miller, Celina Elementary School", mainstream news sources all reported the same thing.

    We can always spin off the posts & transfer them to our esteemed Police Misconduct Department. :D
  2. TravelnMedic

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    Not police Misconduct more like stupidity beyond belief (TSA level if not worse) that will cost them.

    Must have been a real bad/slow news day as they were grasping at straws for info and managed to mess that up even.
  3. Mike

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    He was a former volunteer fireman / EMT responder in the community, so I suspect there might be some rumors running through your grapevine, but there's absolutely nothing in the new reports to substantiate what you're claiming.
  4. TravelnMedic

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    His certification level is as a Paramedic, which shows the news half assed the "research" and didnt bother to look in Texas license lookup data base. In a couple of cases couldnt even spell his employer correctly.
  5. Frank

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    Par for the course. Journalism School is where you go when you can't hack a real degree program.
  6. Mike

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    "EMT" vs. "paramedic" is a distinction most people are unaware of and don't make. All I can say is that either is well above any first-aid card I ever earned.

    The only reference I can find at this point is to EMS -- "emergency medical services". does refer to him as a paramedic.

    In any case this is all a distraction unless the charges are dropped or beaten and he is actually successful in suing.
  7. Mike

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    Drug dealer pocket dialed 911 while a "business" transaction was in progress with two "customers" in his vehicle. Cell phone company helped them point their general location and a comment that they were riding in a two truck put the icing on the cake. :D


    WPTZ: Suspected drug dealer Matthew Dollarhide arrested after accidentally pocket-dialing 911 (Jan 31 2013)

    A conversation with two passengers landed an Orange City tow truck driver in jail after his cell phone pocket-dialed 911 and dispatchers listened in. Authorities said 19-year-old Matthew Dollarhide was surprised when a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy pulled him over on Tuesday and asked why they were talking about selling drugs ...
  8. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Pocket dialing 911 must be a new trend among the mentally bewildered ...

    Times Online: Cops: Pocket dial, low battery led to Ohio burglar

    Authorities in Ohio say a pocket-dialing prowler [Douglas Wolaver, Piqua, Ohio] got himself arrested after his cellphone turned informant. Twice. Investigators say an emergency operator traced an accidental 911 call on Tuesday night to a home in Sidney, about 60 miles northwest of Columbus ... The sheriff's office says Wolaver was found in a bathroom after his phone's low-battery alert led deputies to his hiding place.
  9. Mike

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    Collier Jacob Alan.jpg
    Jacob Allan Collier​
    News OK: Man accused of asking sheriff's deputies to help him find missing heroin (Mar 13 2013) reports that officers were dispatched to a home on a report of domestic violence. Jacob Alan Collier allegedly told police he had become upset because he lost $180 and owed money for drugs. While deputies let Collier use a flashlight to search the room, he told them he was also missing two grams of heroin and a bag of marijuana, according to Lose your heroin? Hint: Don't ask lawmen to help you find it (Mar 13 2013)

    Deputies were dispatched just before 6 p.m. Tuesday to a home in the 9000 block of Bankston Road on a report of domestic violence. When they arrived, they were told Collier was in his room with his girlfriend. He was angry and punching holes in the wall, said Chief Deputy Randy Christian. Deputies knocked on the bedroom door and announced their presence and purpose. Collier asked them to give him a moment to put some pants on. He and his girlfriend were then asked to come into the living room to discuss what was happening.
    Christian said there had been no violence, so deputies asked Collier why he had become so upset. He said he had lost $180, and was upset because he owed money for drugs.

    "Deputies asked him if he had looked everywhere in his room and he said that he thought he had. He was asked if he wanted to go look again and he said he did,'' Christian said. "Deputies offered to use their flash light to assist him." While deputies let Collier use a flashlight to search the room for the missing money, Collier told them that he had been given drugs to sell and now owed the money. He also told them that the rest of the drugs were missing too: two grams of heroin and a bag of marijuana. While helping him search, deputies found a small bag of heroin and a bag of marijuana in his room. Collier was arrested for unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana. He remains in the county jail today with bonds totaling $16,000.

    "Just brilliant. That's all I know to say,'' Christian said. "Brilliant."
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  10. Mike

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    In the weekend's news we have a couple new candidates for America's dumbest. :)

    Bozo #1 apparently got flogged at a Flogging Molly concert ...

    Hackett Eric.jpg
    Eric Hackett​
    Weekend's Bozo #1​

    Examiner: Flogging Molly concert: Eric Hackett arrested for fighting and urinating on car (Mar 17 2013)

    A Flogging Molly concert turned into what appears to have been a public flogging for an Idaho man recently. According to a March 15, 2013 media release from Garden City Police, 32-year-old Eric Hackett was kicked out of a Flogging Molly concert last Thursday after he got caught up in a fist fight with other concert goers. Revolution Security Staff ejected Hackett, who they claim was “confrontational and aggressive”. The report claims that as Hackett began walking through the venues parking lot, he began urinating on the hood of a car with people inside. The driver of the car began honking at Hackett as police moved in. Hackett then reportedly began to run through the parking lot until he was tackled by police ...

    Bozo #2, drunk, (cited, not booked, so no name or muggie available) was trying to impress the chicks with lights & sirens on his vehicle. The cops were less than impressed. I suspect the chicks aslo had some reconsiderations by morning.

    Fox 13 Now: Siren song attracts police, man arrested for DUI (Mar 17 2013)

    An officer responded to the sounds of police sirens early Sunday morning only to discover a civilian vehicle outfitted with lights and sirens with a drunken man inside. Sgt. Gary Young, Cottonwood Heights Police Department, said the officer encountered the vehicle sometime after 5 a.m. on Sunday near 2200 East and 6700 South. The personally owned SUV he found had been outfitted with a siren as well as blue and red lights. Young said the man behind the wheel of the SUV was drunk, and a passenger turned the lights and sirens on. He said the driver was cited with a DUI, and the passenger was not charged. The man was close to his home, so he was cited and released. Young said the man claimed to have permission for the lights and sirens from an agency dealing with search and rescue. They are still investigating this claim. Young said a vehicle must be officially authorized to have lights and sirens, which he said was not the case with this individual ...
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  11. Rugape

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    That is a pretty good flogging. He looks like about half the concert took a shot at him.
  12. RB

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    Here's another:

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  13. Mike

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    Hope he never has to cope with sexual dysfunction! :D
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  14. Mike

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    Christian Post: Crash Blamed on Zombies: 19-Year-Old Flipped Truck Running From the Undead (Apr 11 2013)

    Jerimiah Hartline was arrested earlier this week after crashing a stolen truck and injuring seven people. One, a 19-year-old girl, remains in the hospital with a serious head injury and severed artery, according to reports.

    Officers said Hartline, a transient, was picked up by a truck driver somewhere near Tennessee, The Temecula, a local paper, reported. Hartline explained that he stole the top-heavy vehicle, filled with strawberries, when its driver was at a weighbridge. While swerving to shake the car and rid it of the zombies that were attached to the back, Hartline explained, he lost control of the vehicle. The big rig crashed, hitting multiple cars before landing on its side.
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  15. Rugape

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    I would like to thank you for the tears in my eyes, a direct result of snarfing pepsi over this one... Of course, jokes going to be on us when this person is surviving and we are stumbling around looking for brains.
  16. Mike

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    Unfortunately we don't have the guy's name ...

    CBS Local Los Angeles: Man Arrested After Trying To Return Pipe Bomb At Gun Buyback

    Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said the man “told the officers in the line that he had spoken to God that day, and God no longer wanted him to use that bomb to blow up the Hollywood sign, now he wanted him to turn it in.”
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  17. Mike

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    Move over, Carlos & Doodle, David & Phyl are here ...

    CBS Local Chicago: Judge Orders Psychological Exam For Man Charged With Molesting Pet Peacock

    A Roselle man [David Beckmann] charged with sexually molesting his pet peacock must undergo a psychological evaluation, a DuPage County judge ordered Wednesday ... While being questioned, he allegedly told police he earlier had sexually molested his pet peacock, Phyl. Police found the bird’s body in his garage. Beckmann also was charged with misdemeanor indecent solicitation of a child ...

    Rule #1: Don't talk to cops.
    Rule #2: Don't brag about raping & killing your peacock.
  18. Mike

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  19. Mike

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    For good time for your dog, call (410) 692-0715
  20. Mike

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    Bryan Zuniga Gator Chow.jpg
    Bryan Zuniga, Gator Chow™​
    Someone who would run & hide in mama alligator's pond obviously is not the brightest bulb in the box!

    UK Daily Mail: Man flees long arm of the law... and falls straight into the jaws of an alligator (May 9 2013)
    • Florida man bitten on face and arm by alligator after he ran from police during a routine traffic stop
    • Police find Bryan Zuniga, 20, in hospital hours later
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