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Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Doober, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Public Said to Be Misled on Use of the Patriot Act

    I agree, and I object - strenuously. We've seen judges come up with legal interpretations that are 180 degrees in opposition to our actual laws. This they do in the light of day, where everyone can see their perfidy and wonder what on earth they're smoking. Imagine what kind of depravity passes for a legal interpretation when we're not allowed to know what's going on.

    PS: Here's more.
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    More Secrets:

    Apparently the Justice Department's interpretation of the Unpatriot Act permits the Federal government to target American citizens for assassination.

    They've killed an infamous "villain" this time, but who knows who they'll target next, or if the American public will even know who was murdered or why.

    The Unpatriot Act must go. The Injustice Department is pretty shady too.
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    I have tried a number of times to sign the petition and have not been successful...that's just unpatriotic!
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    More about our rogue Federal Government's secret panel which selects American citizens for assassination:

    Where is my country? How do I find my way back to the United States of America from this bizarre foreign land?

    PS: Incrementalism in attacking our Bill of Rights has been demonstrated by the TSA's increasing contempt for the 4th and 5th amendments. Where it stops no one knows.

    So when Ron Paul points to the possibility of incremental loss of our 5th amendment rights, I must concur.

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    Delayed-notice search warrants issued under the expanded powers of the Patriot Act, 2006–2009:

    For Drugs: 1,619
    For Fraud: 122
    For Terrorism: 15

    Are you willing to shred the U.S. Constitution for so little? Keep in mind that this doesn't even mean the Unpatriot Act was invoked in 15 true cases of terrorism. Usually when the DHS claims to have "caught" a "terrorist", in reality they've entrapped some naive social outcast.
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    It's called Russian policy today under Putin. Alexander Litvinenko's heirs can tell you all about it. We are now no better than the Russians. We have stooped to their level.
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    Nice. Correction: "Scandal". Look forward to links; passing it along.
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    Also, title bar reads "Protect American." Should be "Protect America."

    I also approve of site.
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    Brought to you by Midnight Productions Ltd :)

    Will fix the spelling next time I'm on a real computer.
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    The misspellings are fixed, thank you.

    Any scandals that I could add to list on the right side of the page?

    One candidate is the current systematic repression of dissenters by the FBI. It's received some attention in the mainstream press, but how to label it so that viewers will recognize it?

    Also, is "American Star Chambers" the best label for the assassination controversy? Assassination-Gate?
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    How 'bout "Murder-gate?"

    Let's not mince words. What we're talking about here is murder.
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    This country is not its government. What the country is is better than the cesspool based in Washington DC, the power mad tools. The polls show a huge disconnect between the people and the government. There is only one way for this dynamic to resolve.
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    Anyone have any idea where Herman Cain stands on the Patriot Act, DHS, TSA and other issues that concern those who favor freedom over government control?
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    There's a link in for "Fast and Furious". I'll try to stub in one topic a day, then flesh it out.

    Media tells each part of the story so well already. I think we mostly need to help people put the whole jigsaw puzzle together.
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    We do:

    That said, he sounds far too OCPD for me to ever consider voting for him.

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