Petition to end patriot act

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Doober, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Looking at how the choices for President are lining up Cain may well be the candidate on the right. I cannot in good conscience vote for the incumbent and if the left doesn't run a candidate against Obama then my choices are in a sense forced.
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    A hundred times on the blackboard, Mr. Cain:

    TLV style security is not scalable to what we have in the States.

    Is there such thing as a call in show anymore these days that he might be on? Seriously. I would love to corner him on this and explain how simple real security can be, without spending so much money, while keeping our freedoms intact.
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    Not only is it not scalable, it isn't all that smart either. They've fondled diplomats, strip searched news reporters, and done all sorts of nastiness, and are somewhat controversial even in Israel. The kind of profiling they do, and the results of that profiling (male, young, muslim? take off your clothing) simply would not be allowed in the US. So there is nothing there for us to emulate.

    Janet Dimwit should instead go to Germany and see how they treat people--with respect.
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