Pile of phone books causes evacuation of two medical buildings

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    Meanwhile, in the city of my birth, two buildings in a medical complex were evacuated because of a pile of phonebooks. So many cops in this area are corrupt & abusive, so there's some benefit to seeing them off on a wild goose chase, some poor slob's skull is probably still intact thanks to these phonebooks ...

    CBS Local St. Louis: UPDATE: Pile of Phone Books Leads To Evacuations At Belleville Hospital

    A pile of phone books prompted two buildings near St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville to be evacuated Monday. Authorities say the suspicious package was discovered in the 180 block of S. 3rd St. around 9 a.m. Its not known where exactly the package was left or who discovered it.

    Belleville Police said in a press release that precautionary steps were taken “in light of recent activities.” The Illinois Secretary of State Police Bomb Squad and specialty units from Madison County* investigated the incident.

    * County seat is Edwardsville, where the recently resigned police chief James Bedell has pleaded guilty to embezzling $138K from the city.
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    Is that Belleville or Bellevue? It does make a difference.
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    In the late 50's a pipefitter crossed some gas & water lines and the gas made it out into the city water system. A number of washing machines, toilets, etc., exploded. Imagine sitting down on the head to take a dump & smoke a fag & *whoomph*!

    The also had one of the original round-a-bouts with a fountain in the middle but removed the fountain. Apparently too many (perhaps of the Bellevue persuasion) kept trying to drive through it.
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    In my town they removed the fountain because the kids kept dumping dish soap into it.

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