PINAC Correspondent Receives Threatening Email from Youtube Regarding Video

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  1. PINAC correspondent Jeffrey Gray has produced 85 videos on Youtube, racking up more than a million views since January 2011.
    But it wasn’t until today that he received notice from Youtube, threatening to remove one of his videos if he failed to remove any personal information that could identify a person who filed a complaint.
    But considering the identity of the complainant is being kept anonymous, it makes it a little difficult to comply with this request.
    Furthermore, the video was recorded inside a public library in Jacksonville where security guards were insisting on searching people’s bags before allowing them to enter.

    Gray, a concealed weapons permit holder, was carrying two pistols; one on his body and one beneath the sleeve of his camera bag in an attempt to prove the ineffectiveness of such searches.
    He was also video recording with a Looxcie camera clipped on his ear like a Bluetooth phone while another friend of his was openly video recording with a handheld camera.
    However, security guards never realized he was recording with the Looxcie, focusing their attention on his friend, ordering him to stop recording because they believed they had an expectation of privacy.
    Considering the library is a tax-funded building that is open to the public, it doesn’t appear as if they have an expectation of privacy, which Gray explained in his reply to Youtube.
    So now it will be interesting to see what Youtube will do come Friday afternoon around 3:26 EST, which is about the time they sent him the notice.Gray has also contacted his attorney.
    “The hypocrisy is obvious,” he said in a Facebook message. “Someone working in a public library where citizens Fourth Amendment-protected right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures is violated everyday by their policy complains about their non-existent right to privacy in a public space.”
    Read the email below:

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