Pinole Officer In Hawaii Stops Attack On TSA Agent

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Apr 5, 2013.

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    PINOLE (KPIX 5) — A Pinole police officer on a Hawaiian vacation is being praised for stopping an attack on a Transportation Security Administration agent at an airport checkpoint last week.

    There is no information about why the passenger attacked the TSA employee. However, look at the video. I've watched it several times and it's difficult, at least for me, to see who exactly was assaulting whom. The video shows the two people in a scuffle but doesn't show what happened before it started.
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    More on the story:

    Corporal Justin Rogers had barely taken off his shoes to go through security about 12:55 p.m. when he saw a woman push over a security checkpoint sign for a lane reserved for pilots and staff, Cmdr. Pete Janke said. A TSA security officer who went over to stop her was promptly attacked by the violent woman, and several travelers in the security terminal began screaming.

  3. Caradoc

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    Looks like the notion that TSA employees only gang up on those who look vulnerable holds true.
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    Once again, a passenger takes care of the situation:
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    Have their airport police been hanging out w/ TSA so much that they've become equally useless?
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    The brave fellow in blue behind the counter was just watching the whole thing when the passenger shamed him into action. Or gave him the idea that he should assist. Either way, not a great reflection. Kudos to the copper: he rendered assistance with a minimum of force. No gratuitous punches.
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    There are some truly awesome comments on the Fark thread.

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    I think the other TSA screeners did as expected, nothing!
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    Apparently they're highly trained to stand around waving their hands and doing nothing constructive...
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    Woah! On the comments: A new TSA acronym definition that I absolutely LOVE! >3

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    Need to make a master list of these as thats pure gold.
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    Look at the size of some of those people! How can anyone have any confidence in this group if they look like that?
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    Best. Comment. Ever.

  15. Mike

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    Maui News: Off-duty officer helps airport agent

    Lt. Michael Oakland, commander for the Hawaii sheriff's airport patrol section, said ... he was "very upset" that the TSA released the video, however, since it's evidence in an active investigation. He's concerned that a judge won't allow prosecutors to show the video in court because it's been released to the public.

    "They've just blown our case," he said.
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    IIRC, the TSA often claims that the tapes aren't theirs as it's the airport's cameras that capture the video.
  17. Frank

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    He's full of :trash:.

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