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Discussion in 'Travel' started by KrazyKat, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Looking at their launch route map they appear to be focusing on the true short haul of about 2 hours max. If I recollect correctly, the email I got listed LA to Palo Alto as their longest non-stop at about 130 minutes.

    I agree that it's a tough sell, but then again, that's exactly how WN started. Their marketing strategy until just a few years ago was that they competed with cars, trains, and buses, not other airlines. That's how they sold their short-hop, multi-point service. They've morphed somewhat since then.

    I'm thinking that there just might be enough people who can't afford a plane of their own who would do this in a heartbeat to avoid both congested airports and the TSA. Heck, if this were coming up about a year out from now when my own finances will be more stable, I'd enroll even though I couldn't use the service for at least another 6 months based on their current, published plans.

    And the monthly subscription? It's genius. I don't know how well it will work with the airline crowd. After all, the vast majority of flyers are either the once-a-year Frommer's crowd, or business subsidized. Neither of these markets would be able to use this service. If these guys were smart they'd work to get in at some corporate contracts and compete with the airlines. It'll be tough, but I know of some corporations that would bite. Regardless, look at your local gym or at Netflix. The pricing plans of their subscriptions no way covers the cost of doing business. They rely on people buying a subscription, and then not using it. I imagine if SurfAir (nea PlaneRed) can convince enough people, this will take off.
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    1,000 bucks a months is mighty, mighty steep. Only the elites will be able to afford this. If it helps even one iota to hurt the airlines and force the TSA issue, I'm all for it. But we peons will continue to be abused.
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    Actually they have a $750/month plan.

    There are 3 tiers, of which $1,000/month is the most "generous" in terms of how many concurrent reservations you can hold at one time. IOW, for $750/month you can have 2 active reservations at a time. For $1,000/month you can have 6. It basically allows you to guarantee your reservations for a higher fee, but it would appear that everyone gets the same level of service.

    If you look at airfare in general, 2 roundtrips a month would run you about $750/month or more, and I guarantee fares are not going to go down. We are not going to see fly across the country fares for $100 ever again. For those who can afford to buy in right now, and are willing to take the gamble, it's very smart. You get unlimited 9 pax, TSA-free flights into close-in airports for $750 a month. It's a no-brainer really.
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    I can't afford $750 a month. Hats off to people who can. And Plane Red (well, they changed their name to Surf whatever) isn't flying anywhere I wanna go anyway. It's a great idea in theory; just wish I could take advantage of it.
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    Is it $750/month plus cost of flights or is $750 the whole deal?

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