Police: Hyunjoo Kim hit 2 TSA agents at Orlando airport during security checkpoint [MCO]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hyunjoo Kim


    Sounds like TSA will come out ok on this deal but it once again draws attention to the excessive policies and screening procedures TSA has in place for an almost nil chance of there being a terrorist somewhere in this hemisphere.
  2. The article certainly makes it sound like the passenger was the problem here, but so did the news reports about Yukari Miyamei. At this point I'm suspicious of all such stories until I see some documented evidence that the screeners didn't lie about what happened. I also tend to wonder if there was a language and/or cultural barrier here. And we all know how well trained our TSA screeners are in cross-cultural communication and foreign languages. (I remember a FT member describing how, when his wheelchair-bound Japanese wife was being fondled, groped, and having her Rolex stolen, the sharp-as-a-tack screeners called for a Chinese interpreter. :rolleyes:)
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    Very well trained -- if someone is not responding to your authoritah, yell at them louder until they understand. Your fellow screeners (esp. the 40% of the local work force that is always standing doing nothing) will join in a "swarm" and help you yell at them. If you keep yelling at them long enough, eventually they will be intiminated into doing something that appears compliant and will be cleared to enter the secured area.
  4. Mike

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    More people need to revolt! :D

    I'll just sit back and watch -- and drive -- until these scum are out of our airports.
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    Can't wait to read the police (fiction) report.... also in the comments at the end of the article, the amount of anger at this is really something. Which is good.
  6. Monica47

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    This is why I don't fly anymore. It could easily be my name in that article. I have no patience with stupid rules and the people who enforce them.
  7. nachtnebel

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    It may be the passenger is a banshee loose cannon deserving of the legal smackdown coming her way. Yet keep in mind the news report reflects 100% the TSA point of view. It may well be these clerks did something to her. If so, we probably will never know what the agents inflicted on this woman to get her goat the way they did.

    Either way, TSA has contributed 100% of the causes making the airport checkpoint a very hostile place. No matter how they spin this, they can't step away from what they've done, or come away looking very good. Just another dustup at the checkpoints manned by ma and pa Barker.
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    The comments are at least 100:1 anti TSA. Very good.
  9. Mike

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    That's why it is every bit as important to record video of TSA's Gropenfrauen in action as it is to record cops.

    It was the recovered video that got Phil Mocek acquitted in Albuquerque. Much of the prosecution's witnesses and testimony mysteriously vaporized when they realized he had that video. When his subsequent civil suit is done and finished, the deletion and recovery of that video will likely have added a zero or two to the resulting judgement or settlement.
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  10. nachtnebel

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    I agree. A jury may not have been inclined to give Mocek a plugged nickel on the denial of filming rights, but the deliberate attempt to destroy exculpatory evidence in an attempt to fry an innocent man will probably anger most folks. that will make all the difference in the world.
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    The comments are absolutely fabulous. Decent people have simply had it with Nappy & Pissy's (expletive deleted).

  12. mikew68

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    Just checked the comments on the story... it is up to 775 very negative comments... One thing that hasn't been pointed out, the cultural differences .... most Asians do not tolerate their personal space being violated by any psuedo authority figures.. as the security at airports in Asia is totally different than the sorry state of the US
  13. Mike

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    Unfortunately the typical TSA response to cross-cultural differences is to yell louder.
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  14. Frank

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    One commenter forgot that it's Bull DYKE Napolitano.
  15. Mike

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    UK Daily Mail: Woman 'slaps TSA agents after they say her bottles of lotion are too big and she gets a pat down'

    A South Korean woman was arrested in Florida after allegedly attacking two airport TSA agents who tried to give her a pat down and told her that her bottles of lotion were too big. Police in Orlando say Hyunjoo Kim, 39, slapped one TSA officer before shoving another several times in the chest in an attempt to get her bag back on Wednesday morning.

    In other words they separated her from her stuff and wouldn't let her touch it. I can understand not letting her to the secured area if she and her belonging have not been screened, but there is no excuse for separating someone from his or her belongings if they want them. This sound to me like a provocation by TSA, likely amplified by cultural differences and the typical charm of TSA's checkpoint Neanderthals.
  16. Mike

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    Orlando Sentinel: Police: Woman upset over TSA pat down slapped officer

    Hyunjoo Kim, 39, was upset that she needed to be patted down during the screening process at the security check point and slapped a female Transportation Security Administration employee, reports show. She became more agitated when screening officers told her two bottles of lotion were too big to carry onto the airplane. [​IMG]"She swung several times at TSA Officer [Janine] Pagan and eventually struck her with an open hand on the right side of her face, causing redness and soreness," Kim's arrest report shows. "Kim then turned and shoved TSA Officer [Pamela] Soto in the chest several times in an attempt to get her bag."

    An Orlando police officer working off-duty at the airport responded and found Kim yelling and cursing at TSA officers. Kim was arrested and charged with two counts of battery on transit agents.
  17. Mike

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    So what can we find out about the TSA Gropenfrauen Janine Pagan and Pamela Soto?

    No posting of home addresses or phone numbers for these two. Home is home! Anything else is fair game.
  18. Mike

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    Twitter: @Jpagan523​
    St. Cloud FL​
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    There are at least two Pamela Soto's in the Orlando area, one 46 and the other 51. Need more specifics.

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