Police: Man strips naked at Oregon airport in TSA protest

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Apr 18, 2012.

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    And best comment I've seen so far at the CNN article:

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    God help me, this (expletive deleted) moron -- explosions on planes "every few months"???! There's no way to reply anymore, though; for some reason the "Reply" button has been removed from comments:
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    Luckily, there are also a lot of comments like this -- though I wish I had some real names/details here so I could add them to the Master List. How many women are being groped by male TSA agents? Sommer Gentry has had it happen. You know that lots of other women have, too. But unless they come forward somehow or get their names out there, most people don't know it and won't believe it:
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    I'm on a roll. Sorry, it's addictive reading these comments, especially ones by morons like this:
    Hey, John: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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    They may be infuriating but I just try to keep in mind that these are paid TSA trolls so there is no reasoning to be done. They have a financial interest and won't be swayed.

    We're arguing for support of the readers who often don't even comment. If our logic and facts are more convincing they will be won over.
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    I wish that were true, but I've seen too much evidence against it.
  7. Mike

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    News 10 Net: Naked TSA protester: My job is to protect my rights

  8. Lisa Simeone

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    Irrefutable proof that TSA procedures aren't about security. They're not about security. He showed them he wasn't harboring anything. Yet they didn't care. When are people going to get it through their heads that this isn't about security??
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    Hat's off (and socks, and shirt, and...) to Mr. Brennan! what a fighter!
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    UPDATE: TSA stripper John Brennan wants trial
    by LISA SIMEONE on MAY 3, 2012
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    They're brass, and if he jumps up and down you'll hear 'em clang.
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  13. Fisher1949

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    No Jury Trial and No Regrets for Naked Portland TSA Protester John Brennan - Seattle News
  14. CelticWhisper

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    I'm glad to see he's fighting out of principle. Too many (even myself, I fear) would have taken the easy way out just to make it all stop. Brennan has my unwavering support.
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    Bravo, John!!
  16. Mike

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    Oregonian: Portland man who stripped at PDX airport testifies TSA is "close to seeing us naked"

    The instant an Transportation Security Administration screener told John Brennan that he'd detected nitrates on Brennan's clothing, John Brennan knew he was in trouble.
    Not because he was part of any sinister plot to blow up a plane, but because he knew it would be some time before the TSA sorted that out and he'd be free to continue onto his gate at Portland International Airport.

    Brennan shared his thought process during 10 to 15 minutes of testimony Wednesday morning. He was the first and only defense witness to testify during a trial in which the prosecution is trying to secure a public-indecency conviction against him. Closing arguments are expected to start at about 1:30 p.m.

    "I thought 'I'm now in trouble with the TSA,'" Brennan said. "And I'm aware that the TSA had incredible power. ...For me, time slowed down. ...I thought about nitrates, and I thought about the Oklahoma bombing and I thought nitrates were part of (that)."

    Brennan said he then calmly took off all of his clothes -- a convenient way to show the TSA that he wasn't carrying any explosives.

    "I also was aware of the irony of taking off my clothes to protect my privacy," Brennan said.

    Brennan said that he told the screeners he was doing so in protest. Brennan said he wanted to show the TSA "that 'I know my rights. That you have these machines that can see us naked.' ...They're getting as close to seeing us naked as they can. And we are upping the ante."


    In 1985, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled in City of Portland v. Gatewood that appearing nude in public can be a protected form of expression -- if it's done in political protest. The court said each act of nudity should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  17. Oh goodness:

    If this flies, so to speak, for this case, the PDX checkpoint is going to be the place to be! We're trying to get our acts together to move to Oregon, possibly Portland, but I see something like the show Portlandia and I almost think we shouldn't do it. Then something like this really warms my heart and makes me think we need to get serious about our moving plan.
  18. Mike

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    You can't pump your own gas in Oregon, but you can pass gas naked as long as it's part of a protest. :D
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