Police vs. People: New Lethal (but still injurious) Weapons

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Lisa Simeone, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I knew about a couple of these weapons already -- the sonic one, which was used in Pittsburgh during the G20 protests in 2009 and which injured people -- and the heat wave one. Both scary. As they're meant to be.

    They're all sickening, but I can't say they're surprising. There's no telling how many more "crowd control" weapons are in the pipeline. And once they exist, they will be used.

    (Also, this just confirms what several reporters have pointed out over the years -- weapons, techniques, tactics, everything that's used on the battlefield eventually migrates to home turf.)
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    Over the years I've accepted the need for research and development of new technology for the military and frankly never wanted to know the why's, & hows. Perhaps I was burying my head in the sand but after reading this, I am sickened at the thought of these weapons but even more shocked and sickened as to their new purpose...controlling the masses...people like us, protestors in Wisconsin, anyone exercising their right to gather and protest.

    When did our government lose sight of our freedoms under the Constitution. When did they become so thin-skinned and intolerant of activism and what is the end game?

    I know... I probably sound like I'm building a compound in Montana :)
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    And here's an excerpt for the ages:

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    All of the other issues about controlling the masses aside, are these people insane? Do they really think that equipment such as this won't be used against them or their children at some point?

    Surely people aren't that stupid. Are they?
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    barbell, in my experience, most people think these things will be used against The Other. And The Other isn't human, or at least deserves what he gets. He must've done something wrong, right??

    Ethics and compassion, not to mention foresight, in action.
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    We are already using these high-tech weapons against "undesirable" elements of our own society.

    The so-called "pain ray" was deployed to the Middle East but our commanders there would not use it. However, it's been installed in the Los Angeles County jail:

    The Taser , plugged by its manufacturer as a "pain compliance device" (in other words, those who don't comply are tortured) is used routinely by many law enforcement departments to enforce compliance with their so-called "lawful orders". At MSP it was used on a bicyclist who refused to get off his bike as he pedaled out of the airport. A service mark on Taser's website is "protect life", yet hundreds have died in taser incidents:

    The article cites 351 taser-related deaths in the U.S. as of August, 2008.

    A variation of the taser or stun is attached to prisoner's ankle and operated by remote control by depties or bailiffs. This ended up being banned from courtrooms because a defendant can't get a fair trial under threat of torture.

    Sadly, we're already there.
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    In 1997, a joint report from the Pentagon and the Justice Department warned:
    "A further consideration that affects how the military and law enforcement apply force is the greater presence of members of the media or other civilians who are observing, if not recording, the situation. Even the lawful application of force can be misrepresented to or misunderstood by the public. More than ever, the police and the military must be highly discreet when applying force."

    It must really tick off certain "officials" that live video can be streamed to the internet with a phone these days, what with the "misunderstandings" this can create.

    Chew this thought over: if 9/11 happened in 1991, ~five years before the commercialization of the internet, do you think we would be here on this chatboard right now, or would some people freak out about the free flow of information and put severe limits in place?
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    What's the deal with Florida and football games? The mayor of Tampa was patting himself on the back for inviting TSA Behavior Detection voodoo practitioners to the Super Bowl a few years ago.
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    Some folks outside of TSA bought into the myth of BDO effectiveness. Unfortunately some are in a position to have the BDOs present (present much like a chair or a garbage can are present) at non-transportation events.
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    There are so many videos of police brutality on YouTube, it's sickening. "Cops Taser 10-year-old girl." "Police Taser Crippled Boy 19 Times." On and on.
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    Taser has to be regarded as deadly force.
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