Policy Mic: Get Ready: Your TSA Pat Down Is Only Going to Get Worse

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  1. Mike

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    First ignore the law, then thumb your nose at the court for a year, then indicate that you will continue to ignore both for at least another year.

    Rule of law means little when those who are charged with implementing the law flaunt it so openly.

    Policy Mic: Get Ready: Your TSA Pat Down Is Only Going to Get Worse

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is once again in the news for refusing to obey a federal appeals court order from last year mandating that the agency hold public hearings over its "naked body scanners." They'll get around to it in 2013, says TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers. Despite the TSA's incredibly unpopular presence at U.S. (and even international) airports, Obama's 2011 budget proposal called for a significant increase in funding, including 1,000 additional body scanners.

    This latest TSA scandal is just one more example of how the agency violates the Fourth Amendment and further increases government control over airports; TSA should be abolished.


    One could easily write an entire book detailing the outrages and crimes perpetrated by the TSA, and many Americans are no doubt well aware of them or have experienced them directly themselves. There are cases of toddlers and 85-year-old women being searched and humiliated; private property confiscated from passengers; millions scanned with radiation and photographs taken and stored in a database. Perhaps most egregious of all, are the amount of convicted pedophiles and child molesters that have somehow earned a TSA badge.
  2. nachtnebel

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    the author of the story never details how the rubdown is going to get worse nor his reasons why he thinks so. I think just the opposite is true and rubdowns are becoming less invasive simply for political reasons. Still unjustified and reprehensible, but IMO, no way will the groping become worse.
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  3. CelticWhisper

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    Glad I'm not the only one irked by this headline. Article makes a number of salient and fair points, but says nothing about any imminent worsening of gropedown procedures.

    That said, I'm inclined to side with you but hang on to a little cautious skepticism. Someone (might've been you) pointed out in another thread that TSA seems hellbent on ignoring all protests and objections and doing what they want for the sake of doing what they want. Shoving gropedowns off on the people and disregarding any mandates to the contrary like a petulant child screaming "MAKE ME MAKE ME MAKE ME!"

    Still, I'm hard-pressed to believe they could get away with officially making these procedures worse without having all of Congress jump down their throats and tear them apart from inside. Even if only for the Congresspeople's fear of their constituents doing the same to them if they didn't step in and obstruct TSA.
  4. Frank

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    If congresscritters had any fear at all, TSA would already be a distant memory, with a museum of horrors in the planning stage.
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  5. TravelnMedic

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    Well at this point, Im just about done flying unless its absolutely necessary. Any trip that I would have done I will be sending letters to congress critters and all the businesses that would have gotten my money. As since they havent taken a stand against TSA they will get called out on the money they are loosing because they dont care about there customers especially longtime elite members. I just sent out a set of letters today for 2 trips that were cancelled. Will see how they react to loosing a whole lot of money as one was a 5 day catalog shoot that had 40 people involved that will now be shot locally in the studio on a green screen and other locations. Just the production staff (Photographer, assistant, digital tech, creative director, make up/stylists), not including the talent was 25K.

    On trips that I have to do; If I get selected for a sexual assault pat down the ever so popular DYWTFT is uttered it will not end well. It will probably make national news as the likelyhood a (expletive deleted) whoopin within a inch of life being issued to the groping smurf and anyone one that wants to pile on is pretty darn good. The resulting legal action will make pissys balls ache so bad nappy feels the pain.
  6. Caradoc

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    I was looking for the thread on "TSA portrayals in the media," but couldn't find it... but when even the Luann comic strip is poking at the TSA, perhaps we are seeing a "sea change."
  7. N965VJ

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    Don't forget a letter to the local Chamber of Commerce. ;)^
  8. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Not even worth the paper let alone the stamp as the Florida keys are a combined CoC.

    This isn't the first time (ADA compliance issues and unlawful ticket/towing that was handled poorly, but resolved when made public in a letter to the editor in the KW Citizen paper) have had problems in the keys so going forward the keys are going to loose out on alot of money from print and film production crews. In this post 9/11 economy the creative groups/consortium's talk alot amongst themselves so if a city or entity pisses them off...its pretty much straight to the black list without a second thought.

    If you have seen the recent commercials (I think ford but have a few adult beverages tonight) with cars racing through the streets of KW, what wasn't explained is that they city of Key West and the CoC Begged/Pleaded and ultimately paid for all of the expenses for the commercials to be shot and the TV ad time when in total came to tens of millions that the city of Key West, hotels (Casa Marina, The Reach Resort, La Concha, JW Marriott), Sunoco fuel (Gas & Jet A) and many others paid or had to right off to get the commercials done in KW.

    Well some of the letters have made it down there as I fielded a call from the Blackstone Management Group (they run the Casa Marina and Reach Resorts - both Hilton WA Branded properties in Key West and many other hotels throughout the world) begging for me to reconsider. They are willing to comp the rooms for the cast/crew in the form of HHonors points to be used for the rooms (considering the number of nights/rooms that is a huge amount of points). I told them I would think about it. Considering the text message I got from the Creative Director in return of the news was "obese probability" I'll take that as a no. Will be interesting to see if the 250K HHonors points & upgrade to Diamond Status goodwill gesture they promised materializes while "we think about it". I also have a missed call from the seaplance charter company, and the production gear rental house out of Miami but no voicemail from either.
  9. Mike

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    Blackstone is well known for dishonoring Hilton Diamond benefits, so I wouldn't count on it. I try never to stay in Blackstone properties. Last time I stayed in one (Vancouver WA Hilton) I almost had to pull the hotel manager's teeth to get our complimentary Diamond breakfast.
  10. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Im not holding my breath either, although I have gotten well taken care of at there properties (in the past atleast) in the Texas area, I have heard the horror stories. The amount of points they said they would comp for the rooms for the production staff and talent is enormous (if you dont factor HHonors elite discount) 60K points per night x30 rooms x 14 days is 25.2 million points.

    It doesnt matter at this point the trip is dead and Im in the process rebooking everything in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area, but have to look for a different lake location since there is now forest/brush fire at in Palo Pinot county.

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