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    Being that we're interested in effecting change in government regarding TSA, I thought it would help to work on getting sympathetic legislators in touch with each other (as well as getting them in ouch with the unsympathetic ones, coupled with continued pressure from us, in the interest of bringing said unsympathetic ones around to our perspective) to coordinate a more united front against DHS/TSA management.

    I know Rep. Cissna was talking about starting or joining a caucus to reform TSA or something to that effect, but I've heard very little about it since then.

    -Does anyone know of any initiatives like this that our representatives can be asked to join?
    -If not, how does one get started?
    -Aside from Cissna, Chaffetz, the Pauls and Issa, who else can we urge our elected officials to talk to in order to help gain their support for bringing TSA under control?
  2. KrazyKat

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    We could start a PAC for a TSA terror-free America.
    TX State Rep. Simpson and others certainly know where support is.
  3. KrazyKat

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    At 1:11 John Pistole, Worst Person In The World...

  4. Monica47

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  5. KrazyKat

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    Which he prefers to pictures of his "beautiful body".:eek:
    The ABC story about retaliation on the pilot, for his tame security observations, also telling we live in police state.:td:
  6. barbell

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    Agree on the inappropriate comments. When he first made that statement it was shortly after my first groping, and I wanted to :td:.

    The thing to remember with Mica is that his wife has some financial interests (I think she may even own) a company that bids on contracts for the private security program at airports. He has a financial interest in getting privatized screeners in airports.

    And private screeners do not guarantee better operations, though they do tend to fare better in testing, not missing as much as TSA does. They also are bound to follow TSA's rules, so it'll still be electronic strip searching and groping, just by a privatized contractor likely employing the same TSA flunkees. There's no real difference between the two, just what the paychecks say on the employees' checks. :td:
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    The only difference is one is a polished (expletive deleted) and the other an unpolished (expletive deleted). They are both still turds though.
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  8. Mike

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    There's one major difference -- no barrier to local arrest & prosecution. When a Boundary County (ID) prosecutor wanted to prosecute FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi for the slaugher of Vicki Weaver, she had to appeal all the way to the full* 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in order to proceed. There would still be a lot of stupidity demanded by TSA rules, but the sexual assaults would come to an end after a few good prosecutions.

    *Slight misnomer due to the size of the 9th Circuit -- you appeal from a three-judge panel to a nine-judge panel.
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    Oy! So, THAT's why the San Mateo Co. (CA) DA will prosecute, because SFO is private and it's not an ask to the Ct of Appeals just to start.
    So, in my case, it looks like on both sets of issues (criminal and constitutional) do not pass Go, (local or US District Cts), Go directly to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Simple, in a way.:rolleyes:
    Thanks, for the legal rundown, Mike.
  10. Mike

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    Nothing went directly to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The prosecution was removed to the U.S. District Court where they lost. They then appealed to the Court of Appeals (3-judge panel) & lost. They then appealed to the "full" (9-judge panel) and won.

    The really bad news a couple months later was that a shortly before he was disbarred for forging notary stamps on documents, a new Boundary County Prosecutor (the earlier one having lost relection) not only dropped the charges against Lon Horiuchi but moved to vacate the hard-won 9th circuit decision. Any local prosecutors that want to follow the same path would have to start over.
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    Mike that is pretty disgusting hearing our government at work. Vicki Weaver should never have been shot and Lon Horiuchi should face a jury of 12. That's more justice/mercy than he gave his victim.
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  12. Mike

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    Did some checking -- it was an 11-judge panel, looking for a copy of the decision. This was a quotation from it:

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    So no free walks for TSOs who violate the Constitution. States can zap them with local laws and hold them accountable, which is much more than their superiors in DC are doing.
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  14. Mike

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    Except that a corrupt prosecutor moved to vacate the decision, and of course the Justice Dept. did not oppose that motion. The precedent has been made but must be re-established.

    LA Time: Agent Can Be Tried in Ruby Ridge Death
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  15. Mike

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