Popular Vlogger Kicked Out of VidCon for … Video Recording

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  1. A man entering a conference for online video creators was ordered to turn his camera off or be thrown out by security guards​
    George Hemminger opted to leave the conference once the man named Brent, who described himself as a “staffer,” got on the phone to security.​
    The incident took place Thursday at VidCon in the Anaheim Convention Center, which in its third year, describes itself “as the world’s premier gathering of people who make online video.”
    A further description of the conference which started Thursday and ends tomorrow:​
    VidCon is for people who love online video. Independent creators, enablers, viewers and supporters of all kinds. The ways that we entertain, educate, share, and communicate are being revolutionized. The creators attending and on stage at VidCon are central to that revolution. The best part is, we’re having the time of our lives doing it.​
    Hemminger fits that description perfectly considering he operates a couple of popular Youtube channels where he regularly discusses life in Los Angeles, world economics, frugal living and just current events in general.
    He did not have a ticket to the sold-out conference, but he was standing outside the conference in the lobby when he was confronted.
    He was allowed to stand there without a ticket, just not allowed to video record, which begs the question, just how much authority does Brent have outside the conference within a city-owned convention center?

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