Portland, ME: Woman claims she was humiliated by TSA [PWM]

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  1. Mike

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    WCSH 6: Woman claims she was humiliated by TSA

    Claudia Beckwith has a debilitating disease which has left large calcium deposits throughout her body. She says the X-ray clearly showed her medical condition, but claims the TSA thought otherwise. Claudia Beckwith was looking forward flying to see her friend in North Carolina. It had been more than a decade since she had caught a flight Portland JetPort. When she got the security area a week ago, going through the screening procedures took a little getting used to, but she never expected what happened next.

    She said can you please step aside ma'am., said Beckwith. Beckwith has a rare auto-immune disease which has resulted in golf ball size calcium deposits throughout her body. Besides the pain and muscle weakness, Beckwith also has a speech impediment. Those deposits showed up on X-ray machine.

    'I told her it was excess calefaction from an illness I had as a child,' said Beckwith. But Beckwith claims the agent insisted that she roll up her sleeve and show her condition. 'She did mention something about are you carrying something illegal? We don't recognize this you know through our machine,' said Beckwith. Beckwith says having to prove that she had a disease and wasn't doing anything illegal was demeaning.

    TSA denies that it happened, plus their customary empty presumption of professionalism:

    A TSA spokeswoman tells NEWS CENTER that footage of the JetPort's security checkpoint did not identify any female passengers who needed to roll up their sleeves for the officers. In a statement TSA says, 'TSA officers assist thousands of passengers with medical conditions every day. They take that responsibility seriously and are trained to work with each traveler to ensure a respectful screening process ..."
  2. RB

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    TSA always denies that these things happened. It is well past time that each screening station have both video and audio recording capabilities. No screening should take place at any other points.
    The sad fact of the matter is that TSA and TSA employees cannot be trusted to be honest.
  3. barbell

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    It's shocking, is it not, how many liars there are in the American flying public?

    I mean, every.single.one of them are liars.

    Or the TSA "people" are.

    You be the judge.
  4. RB

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    Well it must not be TSA because they have Core Values:

    Of course with those core values all of the TSA Thieves, Perverts, and Thugs that have been arrested are just figments of our imagination.
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  5. Caradoc

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    Even sadder is that it's simply safer to assume that any TSA employee is dishonest.
  6. nachtnebel

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    How is this possible when your very procedures are so fundamentally DISRESPECTFUL and harmful to people, such as strip searching (yes, still, there are plenty of the backscatter & perv booths at airports), random genital, butt, and breast gropes, and full out sexual molestation caused by 100% false ETD tests. If you have such personal violations built into your process, how can you make this go away by words? The process violates people therefore the clerks violate people.
  7. I have a hard time even being skeptical on this one, as it comes on the heels of the Maggie vaginal protrusion story. This one is not nearly so bad (not to disregard this woman's embarrassment). If somebody was making up a story for attention, they would surely try to one-up the last shocking story.
  8. Frank

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    The core value of the TSA is that they use Vaseline in their blue gloves when they probe your butt.
  9. Caradoc

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    That's no help for the passengers when they apply the Vaseline in their blue gloves.
  10. Frank

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    I'm not sure what that gets them. After all, it's not a condom. :D
  11. Caradoc

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    What makes you think the idiots in blue gloves would know the difference?

    (And I'm willing to bet that some TSA employee somewhere *has* tried using a blue glove as a condom.)

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