Posner: Sharing links isn't copyright infringement

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    Didn't our Department of Injustice recently have some poor college kid extradited from the UK for operating a very successful web site that did something similar?

    Thomson Reuters: Posner: Sharing links isn't copyright infringement

    Posner's opinion is a victory for technology. The judge, writing for a three-judge appellate panel that also included judges Joel Flaum and Diane Wood, vacated a preliminary injunction against the "social bookmarking" site myVidster, which permits users to access videos recommended (or "bookmarked") by other users. Posner distinguished myVidster's model -- which essentially embeds code from the recommended video to facilitate access to the video from the content originator's server -- from that of old-school file-sharing sites such as Napster and Aimster. In file-sharing, users upload and download actual files. MyVidster, by contrast, merely creates a link to the original site, even though that link permits free access to protected material.
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    Yes, but he was sharing links to unapproved websites so that made him a terrorist. :td:

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