Possible Victory over BDO Voodoo

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Elizabeth Conley, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Elizabeth Conley

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    If so - way cool!

    I don't have anything chatty right now. Sorry 'bout that. I just think this is a possible sign Pistole isn't going to get away with the chat-down violations of our 4th Amendment rights. He can cite cost until he's blue in the face, but I don't think the TSA cares one fig for the cost or relative scientific value of their bat-stuff crazy azz-clown antics. I think the sorry SOB got shot down on this BS. Well and good.

    Oh - and there's mention of giving security clearance holders expedited security. Duh! Yah think?
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  2. DeafBlonde

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    Elizabeth Conley said:
    So, I have a "security badge" to access my work area in the building where I work. Do ya think that constitutes a "security clearance?" :)
    Using bass-ackward TSA-logic, it should!!
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  3. Yeah, considering a Costco card has long been accepted as ID.
  4. Leave no trace

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    If only I could use the Costco guarantee of satisfaction when dealing with Those Sorry A$$es :(
  5. Cartoon Peril

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    This rubbish will never go away, the purpose is not to make the aircraft more secure, but to create the illusion of security.

    There is a fetish made here by TSA of scientificalness, to coin a word. That is, if it looks and sounds scientific-ish, they're buying it, and then praise it to the skies, regardless of its utter ineffectiveness.
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