Pre-Check spreading to 60-100 more airports

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    60-100 depending on what articles you read, but TSA's Agitprop is in full swing at the moment pumping out propaganda about the expansion of Pre-Check.

    Boston Herald: TSA expanding rapid screening to 100 airports (Sept 4 2013)

    Travelers could soon be able to keep their shoes on while going through security at more airports around the country. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that it will expand faster screening lanes to 100 airports by year end, up from 40 now. The agency says the expansion is part of its attempt to make screening more effective by breaking away from a single approach at all airports ...
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    WLTV / WJXX: TSA's quicker Pre-Check coming to 60 more airports (Sept 5 2013)

    The Transportation Security Administration is expanding its Pre-check speedier screening program to 60 more airports, in addition to 40 where it was already available. The new airports should have the expedited checkpoint lanes - where participants are allowed to keep on their belts and shoes, and leave their laptops in their bags - by the end of the year, the agency announced Wednesday.
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    Cory Doctorow @ BoingBoing: TSA continues to improve experience of rich people (Sept 5 2013)

    More evidence that American travel is headed for a two-tier security theater that is reasonable and light for rich people and business travellers, and increasingly awful and invasive for everyone else: as Pre-Check expands, people who fly often enough to make it worth spending $85 will be able to keep shoes, jackets and belts on and avoid pornoscanners (including the new more radioactive versions). Us dirty foreigners, as well as people who save carefully for one trip every couple of years to see their families, will get the ever-expanding Grand Guignol treatment, especially since everyone with any clout or pull will be over there in Pre-Check land, getting smiles and high-fives from the TSA.
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    Gabrielle Bluestone @ Gawker: The TSA Racket is Now Selling Your Basic Rights Back to You (Sept 4 2013)

    The TSA announced today that they will be accepting payments to give you back your basic rights in airports — if passengers pay to sign up for the TSA Precheck program, they can keep their shoes, belts and jackets on, leave laptops in their cases, and not have to remove liquids and gels from carry-ons. The $85 pizzo also requires fingerprinting, and will be available in 100 airports by the end of the year. The program had previously been limited to frequent flier members from "select airlines". No word on how this new protection plan will affect Hindus, passengers with light sabers, or three-year-olds.
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    They'll get one or more propaganda placements per airport. I liked the Gawker post best so far.^
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