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    Seattle Times: Be prepared for holiday travel

    Eligible to use the fast-screening lane are members of U.S. Customs' Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri border-crossing programs and selected frequent fliers with Alaska, Delta, American, United and US Airways. Children 12 and under can go through the precheck lane with eligible passengers.

    Which means that if you & your spouse have children aged 13+ you're screwed no matter what ...

    TSA still pulls out some passengers for random full screening, but most get through without having to take off shoes, belts or jackets or remove laptops and liquids from carry-ons. Also exempt from removing shoes and jackets are passengers 75 and older and 12 or younger.

    ... assuming that they don't select you for some random molestation & harassment regardless.

    Sea-Tac has 14 "backscatter" body scanners as well as 35 metal detectors. TSA is removing backscatter scanners in some airports and replacing them with less invasive millimeter-wave machines, but so far the agency has no plans to replace the backscatter scanners at Sea-Tac, said TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers.

    And unfortunately for you Seattlites, your backscatter units aren't among those being relocated to backwater airports where apparently the local simpletons don't mind being electronically stripped & irradiated.

    Also consider alternative grope- & scope-free modes of transportation:

    Take the train, bus

    A new option this year for Northwest travelers is BoltBus (, with five to six daily nonstops between Seattle and Portland (four on Thanksgiving Day) and four to five between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. (two on Thanksgiving).

    Amtrak ( has added extra trains between Seattle and Portland for Thanksgiving travel on Wednesday and Sunday (Nov. 21 and 25). Save time by booking online and using Amtrak's new electronic ticketing.
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    I wonder why Seatac isn't getting the millimeter wave machines to replace the backscatters. The article doesn't give a reason.
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    do you know there are no plans to get rid of them? possibly they just haven't done it yet but perhaps it is scheduled.
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    It said in the article that Seatac wasn't replacing their back scatter machines. I don't know if that is a permanent decision.
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    My son and family flew out of Seatac last night on their way to Indonesia. Using info on TUG looked for where metal detectors and backscatters were. All the backscatters were roped off. Only metal detectors were being used. Whole family sailed right through TSA with no problems. He had one bag full of expensive camera equipment - never asked him to open it up, just went through x-ray. My daughter in law asked me for some wipes to use to remove markings they put on luggage when you enter Indonesia so I put some Clorox wipes in a plastic sandwich bag warning her that they might not make it through TSA but they did with no problem. Wondering if Seatac is getting ready for "opt out and film" week.
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    photo is showing a black X
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    Nothing I can fix in her post, no URL.
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    Not even the URL pointing to the photo I pasted? Too bad. Wonder who deleted it.
    Strangely, I can't seem to navigate to their site anymore. here are some other links:,d,14
    From the inventor of the technology:
    Beautiful. Here is another piece:

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