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    Found this on FT and wanted to share

    Apparently one must have a federal email address and be connected to the federal work force to post a suggestion for savings in the work place but check out some of these ideas...some good, some just fodder for Saturday Night Live

    I don't want to just steal content from FT but if anyone has time to read more suggestions, its very interesting. I imagine this forum just like a suggestion box - there to appease and not to change.

    Currently there's over 1700 suggestions for the Department of Homeland Security -
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    There's also a TSA intranet site called IdeaFactory. Everything from "The TSA should contract apartments near the airport so we don't have to drive so far" to this gem I transcribed from a screenshot at last year: :rolleyes:

    My idea is… September 11 and what airports do to promote the importance of this day. We often hear officers complain that passengers have forgotten 9-11. I have noticed that our own officers have forgotten why we are here and why TSA was created.

    I’m sure airports around the nation have created powerpoints or videos that they show to new hire officers. HQ could collect these, review them then select a couple and place it in OLC as a component to be played during the week of 9-11. Airports could also do this with the new hire class.

    Example: We have an STI who created a video of pictures set to music. We play the video at the end of orientation to our new hires. Many were young and do not realize the impact 9-11 had for TSA. Playing this video serves as a remembrance for those who have forgotten that horrific day.
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    Brilliant suggestion...NOT:td:

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