Preventable "Accidents"

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  1. KrazyKat

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    Good little investigative piece Birmingham Airport Sign Collapse: Making of a Tragedy. No later engineering review, no surprise there.
    More concern for liability than safety.
    And then there's West Fertilizer Company. No concern at all. $1M insurance policy. Apparently Texas law allows fertilizer plants to operate without any liability insurance. With 240 times the amount of amonium nitrate they were supposed to disclose and known thefts. There is blood on the hands of that management. And DHS is a strangely passive regulator for organization so concerned about threats and explosives.
    I am not a fan of insurance. I am sickened by people who know the safety risks but respond by only protecting themselves.
    That DHS considers you or I threats, prioritizes getting at our underpants, but ignores sources like West Fertilizer, is one of the best reasons yet to give their management an "F" in Threat Assessment.
  2. Mike

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    I wish DHS would ignore everyone and cease to exist. A bumbling, overreaching, inept federal bureaucracy is not the way to deal with anything.
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    "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to 'work' for DHS."
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